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Michael Lozina

Sir Sidney Nolan Unseen Artworks On Display At Sydney Jewish Museum

Sir Sidney Nolan is known for his work depicting the Australian bush, but the bold modernist didn’t limit himself to that. During the trial of Adolf Eichmann in 1961, Nolan painted a series of paintings in response to the Holocaust. The result is dark, haunting, yet brilliant. And the wild part? These paintings weren’t even known to exist beforehand as the artist had no wish to showcase these in his lifetime.

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Michael Lozina

Cyberpunk Fans Rejoice, The G-Shock Digital Glitch Series Is Here

G-Shock have just dropped a three-piece capsule that is inspired by glitches and like as seen in the digital world. That’s what they say anyway, but I can’t help but feel that it looks like a VHS tape gone wrong (though that was probably intentional as well). Presenting, the Digital Glitch series.

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