Ten Pieces Of Eight

Ten Pieces of Eight are the pre-eminent creative content agency based in Sydney, Australia. Whether it’s a lavish photoshoot, an informative YouTube video, or an iconoclastic TikTok campaign, our skilled and sophisticated team will deliver ‘til your cup runneth over. Standing out in a crowded digital landscape is difficult, thankfully our team’s dexterity and versatility can ensure that our clients remain in view as plain as day.

Our Team

Joseph Daoud

Thomas Miles

Michael Lozina

Camila Moreno

Jack Coleman

What We Do

We specialise in high-quality and interesting content for any business. It could be as simple as a blog post to improve SEO, or an inventive TikTok campaign. Our flexibility means that our team will listen to what our clients want and be able to deliver what is expected and more.

Ten Pieces of Eight understands that not every business’ needs are the same and can draw from a well of experience in order to discover the perfect fit for your business.

While we create content for others, we also create it for ourselves on our own publication. Not only has this been effective, it doubles as a learning tool for ourselves so as to ensure our clients are not guinea pigs themselves.

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