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Lando Norris on Constructors’ Championship: “Two is Better Than One”

“We have two drivers as McLaren who are up there not making mistakes and getting pretty much everything out of the car every weekend," Norris explained....

In the wake of Sergio Perez’s re-signing with Red Bull, McLaren’s Lando Norris has stated that having a strong driver lineup will make all the difference in the battle for the Constructors’ Championship.

While Red Bull remain in the lead for the Constructors’, it is a dwindling lead in part because of Perez’s recent string of poor performances. In the last three races, Perez has scored four points to Max Verstappen’s 58. In contrast, the McLaren drivers have a far more even spread of points between them. Lando Norris has scored 48 points to Oscar Piastri’s 40.

Norris describes McLaren’s lineup as “one of our biggest strengths at the minute.”

“We have two drivers as McLaren who are up there not making mistakes and getting pretty much everything out of the car every weekend.

“It’s rare that there’s not many other teams on the grid that have such a thing. So for us, it’s more about what we can do against Ferrari. We’ve been a more consistent team coming into this weekend. They’ve had some mistakes and just struggled a little bit more for whatever reason.”

Norris added that “two is going to be better than one, you know, in Max’s case.”

However, the team cannot remain complacent and need to “bring more upgrades” now “because with Mercedes joining, it’s only going to make it harder to score big points.”

Verstappen: “As Long As You Keep Winning…”

Despite Perez exiting the last two weekends in Q1, Verstappen isn’t particularly worried about his teammates drop in form because as long as the World Champion keeps winning, they shouldn’t have a problem.

“As long as you keep winning, so you score 25 points, even if the others finish P2, P3, you don’t really lose out too much,” Verstappen explained. “And then you kind of can afford sometimes these one-offs.

“Naturally, we always want the two cars to be up there. I have no doubt that will change very soon again.

“So we just need to work on our car, to be honest, to make it a bit easier to drive. Also, probably, to feel a bit more comfortable, and then I’m sure that we have both cars back up there like we had in the beginning of the season.”


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