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Hublot and Daniel Arsham Resurrect Organic Design with the Droplet Pocket Watch

Hublot joins forces with Daniel Arsham to unveil a groundbreaking timepiece—the Arsham Droplet pocket watch....

In a unique confluence of horology and avant-garde artistry, Hublot joins forces with Daniel Arsham to unveil a groundbreaking timepiece—the Arsham Droplet pocket watch. This collaboration, following Arsham’s ethereal sundial etched into Zermatt’s wintry banks, marks the duo’s inaugural venture into watchmaking.

Exquisitely sculpted from sapphire, titanium, and rubber, the Arsham Droplet is a testament to organic design, powered by the formidable 10-day Meca-10 movement, and limited to an exclusive 99 pieces. It offers versatility in presentation, functioning as a traditional pocket watch, an elegant pendant, or a striking table clock with an integrated magnifying glass.

Organic design remains a rarefied concept within the horological realm—often overshadowed by the sharp, precise angles that showcase meticulous polish and finish. Historical attempts, such as the rounded silhouettes of the 1980s Omega Seamaster Polaris or the idiosyncratic Oakley timepieces, made fleeting appearances. Yet, Hublot and Arsham’s collaboration defies these conventions, presenting an innovative fusion that challenges traditional aesthetics.

Daniel Arsham’s oeuvre, renowned for its temporal subversions and material juxtapositions, finds a new canvas in this partnership. His work frequently transmutes contemporary icons—like Pokémon cards and Porsche 911s—into crystalline relics, blending classical and modern elements with whimsical contrasts. Arsham’s collaborative ventures, including his transformative installations for Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store, underscore his artistic versatility.

Since their partnership began in 2023, Hublot and Arsham have pursued time-centric projects, most notably their monumental snow sundial in Zermatt. This ephemeral sculpture encapsulated Arsham’s contemplations on time’s erosive passage. Now, their vision materializes into a tangible, purchasable artifact, albeit limited to a mere 99 units—raising questions about its accessibility.

The Arsham Droplet, encased in a titanium frame and sapphire crystal, features Arsham Green rubber bumpers and 17 O-rings, ensuring 30 meters of water resistance. This innovation aligns with Hublot’s philosophy of fusion, representing the first pocket watch fashioned from sapphire crystal.

The watch’s organic, droplet silhouette deviates from traditional pocket watch designs. Arsham’s artistic finesse is evident in its harmonious balance and execution, offering a unique tactile experience enhanced by the rubber bumpers’ ergonomic grip.

Hublot’s Meca-10 movement, a manual-winding calibre with a 10-day power reserve, powers the timepiece. The skeletonized bridges, framed by the circular design and magnified by the domed sapphire crystal, reveal the intricate mechanics within. The accompanying table clock stand further magnifies this intricate design, adding an aesthetic dimension that transcends practicality.

While the Arsham Droplet may not cater to conventional pocket watch collectors, its allure lies in its artistic provenance and distinctive organic form. The Meca-10 movement, while mechanically proficient, is overshadowed by the innovative design and Arsham’s artistic prestige.

Priced at $88,000 and limited to 99 pieces, the Hublot and Daniel Arsham Droplet pocket watch is a confluence of art and horology, poised to captivate enthusiasts of both domains.


Hublot and Daniel Arsham Resurrect Organic Design with the Droplet Pocket Watch

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