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F1 Teams Argue for Points System Overhaul: “There Are No Backmarkers Anymore” 

Last month, the F1 Commission deferred a decision on awarding points to positions outside of the top 10 as has been the case since 2010....

Several team principals have come out in support of extending the current points system to include at least 12th place. Their argument revolves around the competitiveness of the current grid especially amongst the bottom five teams.

Last month, the F1 Commission deferred a decision on awarding points to positions outside of the top 10 as has been the case since 2010. It’s a fair argument considering that the top five teams have 656 points after six races, while the remaining five have just 27.

RB team principal, Laurent Mekies, is among those in favour arguing that “it’s a good idea to increase the points distribution, mainly because there is no backmarkers anymore.

“We have 10 very strong teams. This year is a good example. We have a fantastic fight also in the second part of the grid, 10 cars fighting within one tenth [of a second], two tenths. Our pole position is P11, currently. Our win is P11 if nothing happens at the front, and the reliability of the guys at the front has been… extraordinary.”

There have been no less than 17 finishers in each grand prix this year, lending weight to his argument.

“We think it’s a fantastic fight, we want to explain it to the fans,” Mekies continued. “We want to explain it to our partners and we think that points will help to give value to that P11, which today for us is a victory. So for sure we are supportive of an extension of the point system.

“Whether you go to P12, to P14, to whatever, we can discuss. But I think where the level of competitiveness of the teams is so high nowadays that the fight in the midfield, the fight at the back will also deserve some points.”

Mike Krack: "We Should Not Rush It

Aston Martin team principal, Mike Krack, believes it’s a good idea and believes the fanbase is ready for a change like this, though he doesn’t want things to be rushed.

“We have a new fanbase also,” Krack said. “We are not anymore the purists that we were for these many years. So I think it is really time to have a look at this.

“We should obviously not be too much influenced by how it is this year, because next year can be different than the year after. I think it was a good consensus in the F1 Commission to say we want to make an adjustment, but we should not rush it, because we don’t want to change it again later.

“So I think it’s important that we have a good thought about it, and then we discuss some different proposals.”

Zak Brown: "A Good Thing To Do"

McLaren Racing CEO, Zak Brown, went even so far as to say that “there could be an argument made for all” finishers earning points, much like IndyCar, though admits it would be “quite an overhaul.”

“I think as soon as points come into play, it makes every pass that much more important,” Brown explained. “Sometimes cars will pull in, save some stuff on their car, wear and tear, because they’re out of the points. This would eliminate that.

“If a quicker car gets shuffled to the back, every pass counts. So I think there’s an argument you could make for the entire grid. Certainly no less than 12.

“We need to change it once and that’s what we agreed at the FIA Commission, let’s do a review and I think all the teams were in the same spot, that expanding the points is a good thing to do.”

A points system overhaul will arrive in Formula 1, but now it is just a question of what it will look like.


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