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Tudor Unveils Stunning Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’

Tudor surprises the watch world with its latest release, the Black Bay Chrono 'Pink.'...

In a surprising move, Tudor has forged a groundbreaking partnership with David Beckham’s esteemed soccer club, Inter Miami. The collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Tudor and the sporting world. Notably, the Tudor ambassador played a pivotal role in the inception of Inter Miami, while also influencing the selection of its distinctive color palette—emphasizing the vibrant hue of pink.

While the association with Inter Miami may seem rooted in the realm of sports, Tudor’s strategic moves extend beyond the soccer pitch. Renowned Taiwanese musician Jay Chou, another prominent ambassador for the brand, shares a deep affinity for the color pink. This convergence of influential figures has culminated in the creation of the Tudor Black Bay Chrono “Pink,” embodying a fusion of diverse cultural influences.

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono “Pink” maintains the hallmark features of its predecessor, the Black Bay Chrono, with a 41mm stainless steel case, dual subdial displays, and a date window positioned at six o’clock. Noteworthy elements such as screw-down pushers, snowflake hands, and the COSC-certified Calibre MT5813 ensure exceptional performance and precision.

A distinctive addition to the Tudor lineup is the introduction of a five-link bracelet, reminiscent of the iconic Rolex Jubilee design. This innovative feature, incorporating Tudor’s T-fit clasp extension system, underscores the brand’s commitment to both functionality and aesthetics.

The defining characteristic of the Tudor Black Bay Chrono “Pink” lies in its striking pink dial—a bold departure from conventional designs. Aptly termed a “pink panda” dial, the juxtaposition of the vibrant pink surface with contrasting black sub-registers evokes a sense of dynamic sophistication. Accents such as red text detailing and a crimson chronograph seconds tip further accentuate the watch’s distinctive allure.

Acknowledging the polarizing nature of its design, Tudor has opted for a limited production run of the Black Bay Chrono “Pink.” Contrary to conventional catalog entries, this exclusive model will be produced in limited quantities, adding an element of rarity and collectibility to its allure.


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