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Sainz Believes Red Bull Advantage Will Last for the “First Third of the Season”

Carlos Sainz predicts that yes, Red Bull will be unbeatable for the first third of the season, but after that… who knows?...

Toto Wolff believes that Red Bull can’t be beat this season, which makes sense given the W15’s performance, but over at Ferrari there’s a little more optimism. Carlos Sainz predicts that yes, Red Bull will be unbeatable for the first third of the season, but after that… who knows?

Carlos Sainz is in peak form right now after being let go by Ferrari at the end of the year for Lewis Hamilton. It’s no surprise that the only man to beat Max Verstappen in the last two years is also the one who thinks that things will be brighter in the near future after Ferrari’s upgrades.

“I think they are definitely going to have an advantage in the first third of the season until we bring one or two upgrades that makes us fight them consistently,” Sainz said. “But by that time maybe it’s a bit too late with the advantage that they might have on the championship.”

While that might sound a little doom and gloom, he realises that him missing out on the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to illness might put him at a disadvantage. If the gap is going to close “we need more Australias,” but he admits that he doesn’t “see Red Bull, as a team, making these mistakes very often.”

“A shame, because also I missed a race, which for both the team and me, it could be costly in the championship. We’re competing in one race less, but at the same time, we’re going to give it our best shot.

“It’s my last year in Ferrari also, so nothing to lose and we will try everything to make it back.”

Sainz did label tracks that he believes Ferrari will be able to fight for the win.

“I think we can still fight for wins in other tracks,” he told the media.

“We will maybe go to the Monzas or the Singapores, and Miami maybe, we’re still in the mix.”


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