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F1 Points System Revision Has Been Paused

The topic was put forward on Thursday during the F1 Commission meeting involving the FIA, F1, and all 10 teams....

There was a push from the midfield teams to revise the current points system in Formula 1 to extend points scoring positions to P12. The topic was put forward on Thursday during the F1 Commission meeting involving the FIA, F1, and all 10 teams. The decision has been deferred to later this year.

For this change to occur, five teams need to agree to the changes as well as having support from the FIA and FOM. This seems to be a given, since both Ferrari’s Frederic Vasseur and Red Bull’s Christian Horner stated at the Chinese GP that they were supportive or at least impartial to the idea.

“Commission members discussed a proposal for changes to the distribution of championship points, as described in Articles 6.4 and 6.5 of the sporting regulations,” the FIA communicated.

“It was agreed that further analysis of proposed changes was required with a view to a proposal to be presented to the F1 Commission meeting in July.”

Ultimately, the decision was deferred to allow for time to analyse the implications of the change. There is still plenty of time for this decision to come into effect for the 2025 season, so it was agreed to postpone the decision.

Why are these changes being suggested? Frankly, the 10 teams have been evenly split into a top and bottom five with the bottom five teams only being able to score points when a top 10 driver DNFs. This means it is difficult to differentiate the bottom five teams and drivers. Given that Constructor Championship positions offer millions of dollars in prize money, it would be preferential for the bottom five teams to have something to fight for each weekend rather than having to be opportunistic.

We are seeing this occur in the 2024 season where after five races, three teams have yet to score a point.


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