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Rolls-Royce Unveils Limited-Edition Ghost ‘Prism’ to Celebrate 120 Years of Luxury Automotive Mastery

Dubbed the Ghost ‘Prism’, this commemorative edition stands as a testament to Rolls-Royce's enduring legacy of excellence....

Rolls-Royce, the epitome of luxury and elegance in automotive craftsmanship, has unveiled a limited-edition masterpiece to mark its illustrious 120-year journey. Dubbed the Ghost ‘Prism’, this commemorative edition stands as a testament to Rolls-Royce’s enduring legacy of excellence.

At the heart of the Ghost Prism is a meticulous attention to detail, evident in its bespoke cosmetic enhancements. With a mere 120 examples destined for production, exclusivity is guaranteed. Customers are presented with an array of choices, beginning with selecting from Rolls-Royce’s vast repertoire of three billion paint finishes. Once chosen, the paint is artfully applied, serving as a canvas for the owner’s unique vision.

Further personalization comes in the form of four distinct accent themes, including the striking ‘Forge Yellow’ and the captivating ‘Phoenix Red’. These accents grace sections of the lower bumper, brake calipers, and coach line, each meticulously hand-polished over 16 hours to achieve perfection.

In a departure from tradition, the Ghost Prism sees the iconic stainless steel wing mirrors, grille, and boot lid reimagined in a sophisticated ‘Burnout’ smoked black-grey hue, adding a touch of modernity to the timeless design.

While the interior remains largely unchanged, Rolls-Royce enthusiasts have the option to extend their chosen accent theme into the cabin, ensuring a seamless integration of style and sophistication. Notably, the starlight headliner, a hallmark of Rolls-Royce luxury, serves as a canvas for personal expression, reminiscent of a celestial masterpiece.

Anders Warming, Rolls-Royce’s esteemed Director of Design, lauds the Ghost Prism’s fusion of dark, neutral tones with subtle bursts of color, placing it at the forefront of contemporary luxury. He remarks, “We are led by the tastes and desires of our clients, who in many cases determine global trends in fashion and the wider luxury sector.”

As for pricing, while official figures remain undisclosed, expectations soar well beyond the standard Ghost’s starting price of £270,000.


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