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Rolex Unveils Exclusive 2024 Academy Awards Day-Date

This exclusive timepiece features an 18k Everose gold case and a distinctive ombré slate dial....

In a cinematic celebration of horology at the 96th Academy Awards, Rolex, the official cinema partner of the Oscars and sponsor of the Oscar Green Room, released a captivating video reel showcasing its watches’ timeless presence on the silver screen. The reel captures classic instances of Rolex models gracing films over the past near century.

A notable highlight of the video is a new, soft-launched, special edition 2024 Academy Awards Day-Date. This exclusive timepiece features an 18k Everose gold case and a distinctive ombré slate dial, providing a striking visual contrast against the Everose exterior. The 40mm Roman marker variation is a masterful execution that caught the attention of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Surprisingly, Rolex has opted for a low-key approach to unveil this unique Day-Date, with no official mention or detailed specifications on its website. The watch was discreetly showcased in the Oscar Green Room during the awards show, leaving enthusiasts to rely on visual impressions and observations for information. It echoes a similar strategy employed by Rolex with the surprise release of a special Day-Date dedicated to the Vienna Philharmonic a few months ago.

This mysterious unveiling adds to the intrigue surrounding Rolex’s strategy for 2024, following previous off-season surprises like the Deep-Sea Challenge in 2022 and the Le Mans Daytona last year. As Watches & Wonders approaches, the anticipation builds for what other surprises Rolex may have in store for watch aficionados this year.


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