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Zagato Unveils AGTZ Twin Tail: A Provocative Blend of Past Inspiration and Futuristic Design

This new offering boasts a unique feature that sets it apart – two distinct rear bodywork configurations....

Zagato, the famed Italian coach-builder with a penchant for crafting automobiles with alluring rear designs, has once again captured automotive enthusiasts’ attention with its latest creation, the AGTZ Twin Tail. In a departure from its previous curvaceous designs, this new offering boasts a unique feature that sets it apart – two distinct rear bodywork configurations.

The AGTZ Twin Tail is not just a visually striking piece; it’s a nod to Zagato’s roots in lightweighting and aeronautics. Built on the chassis and mechanicals of the Alpine A110, a favorite among car connoisseurs for its contemporary lightweight engineering, the Twin Tail pays homage to the motorsport heritage of the original Alpine A110. With its chassis rooted in the Alpine A110, a car that clinched the world rally constructors’ championship in 1971, the AGTZ Twin Tail embraces the legacy of the efficient Alpine A210 sports racing cars that made a mark at Le Mans in 1966.

The design of the AGTZ Twin Tail is a visual feast, a harmonious blend of past inspiration and futuristic elements. Big, expressive headlights, wheel arch blisters, a visor-like glasshouse, and a side air intake slash distinguish it from the regular A110. The rear end, available in both short and long configurations, showcases Zagato’s signature double bubble roof, trapezoidal rear lights, and a new diffuser. The entire body is crafted from carbon fiber.

Under the guidance of Zagato’s long-standing creative chief, Norihiko Harada, the AGTZ Twin Tail not only showcases engineering prowess but also allows for personalization. The addition or removal of the elongated tail, along with a selection of stickers, stripes, and Sixties-inspired logos, provides owners the opportunity to tailor the car’s personality.

Andrea Zagato, CEO of Zagato, emphasizes the importance of design consistency achieved through Nori Harada’s nearly 30 years of collaboration. Harada’s unique blend of Italian and Japanese influences, coupled with a background in Oriental philosophy, brings a philosophical depth to the design process.

This project, however, is not an officially endorsed Alpine endeavor, marking a divergence from the brand’s trajectory. La Squadra, a Polish high-end car dealer recognized for its experiential approach to retail, conceived the AGTZ Twin Tail idea. With distribution rights for prestigious brands like Alpine, Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Maserati, and Pagani, La Squadra has earned accolades, including being named Ferrari’s top dealer worldwide in 2022.

As Jakub Pietrzak, CEO of La Squadra, explains, the AGTZ Twin Tail is a manifestation of a rebellion against conformity and a search for automotive dramas from the past. The limited production of only 19 units, with a starting price of €650k, ensures exclusivity, and several units have already found buyers, including notable names.

In a world where electrification threatens to homogenize performance, the AGTZ Twin Tail stands out as a testament to the enduring significance of design. Andrea Zagato concludes, “After 120 years of the automobile, almost everything has been experienced and made. Nevertheless, this was an indispensable opportunity for us to have the chance to provoke again on aesthetics and proportion – especially today when all cars look almost the same.”


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