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Time Traveling in Style: The Piaget Polo 79 – A Retro Revival

While rooted in tradition, the Polo 79 boasts subtle refinements, marrying vintage charm with contemporary flair....

Hold on to your gold-plated hats, folks, because Piaget just unleashed a blast from the past that’s got watch enthusiasts doing the disco dance of horological joy. Picture this: it’s 2024, and while the rest of the world is diving headfirst into futuristic timepieces, Piaget decides to crank up the nostalgia dial to 11 with the Polo 79 – a reissue so suave it practically comes with its own pair of polyester bell-bottoms.

Let’s talk about the size of this bad boy. The original Polo from ’79 came in two flavors – square and round – like a horological choose-your-own-adventure. But Piaget decided to hit the gym and bulk up the case to 38mm. Sure, it lost a bit of that cute vintage charm, but hey, it’s flexing 200 grams of solid 18k yellow gold, so who’s complaining?

WhThe dial got a little glow-up too. The dauphine hands and Piaget logo decided to hit the gym alongside the case, getting proportionally larger and making the watch look like it’s been sipping from the fountain of eternal youth. The bezel, the case, the dial – it’s like they all went to the same tailor and got fitted from a single sheet of gold fabric.

But what about the beating heart of this golden timepiece? The original Polo had an ultra-thin quartz movement, but this is 2024, darling. Piaget slapped in their in-house calibre 1200P, and it’s a showstopper. The micro-rotor is practically flaunting a coat of arms, and the movement is so svelte at 2.35mm tall.

Sure, the power reserve is a modest 44 hours, and the beat rate is 3Hz, but who cares when your watch is this stunning?

Now, here’s the kicker – the price tag. The Polo 79 isn’t a limited edition; it’s “limited production,” and it’ll set you back a cool A$120,000 ($73,000 USD). But who can put a price on reliving the glamour of the ’70s on your wrist? Disco balls not included, but the groovy vibes? Oh, they’re definitely part of the package.


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