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The New BMW M4 Competition Has… New Lights?

We’ve got a new BMW M4 Competition in both coupe and convertible forms, but honestly, not much is different from the G82 M4....

So we’ve got a new BMW M4 Competition in both coupe and convertible forms, but honestly, not much is different from the G82 M4. Yes, there is a slight power boost, but mostly it’s just new lights and decals.

So BMW got really into the lights saying that “the inside of the LED headlights is even more distinctively structured” with both the low and high beam produced by the same LED module. There are also a few mentions about different LED configurations and optional adaptive LEDs which can be combined with “M Shadow Line” lights with darker accents.


The decals are… well, they’re there. They exist, but they’re also kind of lame. What isn’t lame is the new alloy wheels with a silver finish, the first time this has been available on this generation.

Power has been increased… slightly. An ECU remap has allowed power from the 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight six has increased from 503hp to 513hp, though the torque has remained at 479lb-ft. That extra power hasn’t increased the 0-60mph sprint which has remained 3.5 seconds on the coupe and 3.7s on the convertible.

Inside there are more substantial changes. BMW’s new “Operating System 8.5” is running on the curved display dash which includes and incorporates the 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and the 14.9-inch infotainment screen.

There’s a sporty new steering wheel design although there is an optional Alcantara wheel if that tickles your fancy. The finish is a lighter aluminium colour while there are more carbon fibre options than ever.

The coupe starts at $179,900 AUD while the convertible is going for $194,600 AUD.


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