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Rusting Concerns Surface as Tesla Cybertruck Enters Production

Owners shared accounts of discovering orange spots on their vehicles, prompting debates among forum users....

After four years since its initial reveal, the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has finally entered production, boasting a distinctive stainless steel body that undoubtedly turns heads on any road. However, this unique design feature has brought forth an unexpected challenge: the risk of rust.

Reports from two Cybertruck owners, uncovered by Business Insider, have highlighted concerning rusting issues on enthusiast forums. These owners shared accounts of discovering orange spots on their vehicles, prompting debates among forum users. One original poster even faced skepticism, labeled as a “liar” until providing photographic evidence of the rust spots after washing the truck with dish soap.

In response to these reports, one owner reached out to a Tesla repair center, only to be informed that repairs would be possible once the necessary tools were available the following month.

Although the Cybertruck’s owner’s manual remains unreleased to the public, a leaked video of the manual sheds light on crucial maintenance instructions. Notably, the manual emphasizes the absence of a clear coat and provides specific guidance on removing potential corrosive materials from the stainless steel surface to prevent rust formation. While rain isn’t explicitly mentioned as a concern, the manual underscores the importance of addressing common roadside contaminants such as oil, tree resin, dead bugs, and road salt promptly.

Given the Cybertruck’s rugged design tailored for high-performance adventuring, including mild off-road capabilities, durability concerns loom large. The revelation of rusting issues underscores the importance of proactive maintenance and raises questions about the long-term viability of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body in diverse environmental conditions. As owners eagerly await further guidance from Tesla, the company faces the challenge of ensuring the durability of its highly anticipated electric pickup truck.


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