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Red Bull Unveil “Innovative” 2024 F1 Car

The new RB20 is noticeably different to last year’s model, something Max Verstappen has lauded the team for....

Red Bull have raised eyebrows with their 2024 challenger because despite winning 21 out of 22 races in 2023, the team haven’t rested on their laurels and introduced an “aggressive” and “innovative” evolution of the RB19.

The new RB20 is noticeably different to last year’s model, something Max Verstappen has lauded the team for.

red bull rb20 2024
Credit: Red Bull Racing

“I’m happy with the direction they chose,” Verstappen told media. “I saw the drawings at Abu Dhabi, at the last race, and I was like, wow, that’s quite different in a way. They’ve not been conservative, let’s say like that.”

It’s their ambitious approach that attracts Verstappen about the team.

“We had a great package, but they took the chance to be innovative and go all out, I would say, and try to make it better.

“Of course, time will tell if it’s really, really good. But from what I see within the team, everyone is just happy with what they have achieved in the wind tunnel. But then again, we don’t know. You can’t control what the other people do.”

The Dutch driver also doesn’t believe that Red Bull have taken a risk.

“I think it’s controlled aggressiveness,” said Verstappen. “Everyone is just happy, it doesn’t seem like it’s a question mark, like they’re not entirely sure.”

What has observers scratching their heads is the similarities to last year’s Mercedes W14. In particular, the reshaped engine cover and narrow sidepod inlets.

Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, explained these changes were made “based on performance and what we’re seeing through our simulation tools.”

“Obviously the car looks quite visibly different in certain areas to last year,” he continued. “Only the stopwatch will tell, but in the virtual world, we wouldn’t have committed it to design if we didn’t feel it was better.

“There’s some great innovation on the car as well that will no doubt get scrutinised over the coming weeks. The creativity has been strong in the team. You can see that in some of the solutions that they’ve come up with. It’s not a conservative evolution, there’s some great innovation on the car.”

Horner added that all the gains are “marginal”, which isn’t surprising considering the high benchmark they set themselves in 2023.

Pre-season testing will begin in Bahrain on Feb 21.


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