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RANKING: The F1 2024 Liveries

Which F1 team will look the best at the chequered flag?...

The 2024 season is about to start, but who has the best-looking liveries when the teams take to the track? While it hasn’t been the best year for liveries thanks to weight reduction practices, there are a handful of standouts. Here is TPOE’s ranking of the 2024 liveries.

10. Alpine

Alpine have the worst livery this year mostly because it’s hard to even tell that it is Alpine branded. Yes, there’s the dash of pink here and there, but then there’s none of that electric blue the brand is associated with. Their regular livery has more Alpine blue than the pink special livery, but it fails to stand out against the black of the carbon fibre.

The worst part is that they really tried by bringing on Argentinian-Spanish artist, Felipe Pantone, but they’ve given him no room to include any paint bar the strips provided. It’s disappointing because Alpine teased a very fun livery that would have been interesting, but instead it’s one of the most boring cars on the grid. In this case, less wasn’t more.

9. McLaren

McLaren have done amazing liveries in every other series they compete in, but for whatever reason their F1 liveries are frankly terrible. Papaya is an awesome colour, but it simply isn’t utilised enough. Instead of a papaya car with black highlights, it’s the opposite. Thankfully, this is an improvement over last year’s livery, but that was a very low bar. The powder blue from previous years is gone, which is fine because they never utilised it properly, they simply made the livery worse because they only ever used it as an accent and a colour like that needs to be focused on. It simply doesn’t work to have both papaya and powder blue accents, one of them have to the dominant colour, but instead it’s black.

That was a long-winded way to say that McLaren have learnt to focus on just papaya, but even so, it doesn’t look very exciting or pleasing to the eye. If anything, it looks like a work in progress, unfinished, which isn’t what you want your multi-million dollar car to look like.

8. Williams

Williams had some fantastic liveries last year, but unfortunately this year’s car looks to suffer from the same problem as the Alpine because the blue doesn’t stand out enough from the black. Though, we are willing to concede that it may just be how it appears in the digital renders. Williams blue is very deep and likely shows its true colour under bright light.  

As it stands, it doesn’t look amazing, but very serviceable. It’s looks as presentable as a business executive, but those types aren’t exactly known for their forward-thinking sense of style. Thankfully, the Duracell airbox is still there.

7. Stake Sauber

It does kind of look like a custom livery you might make in the F1 video game, but that’s also part of its charm. While it’s another predominantly black car, the neon green stands out so much as to distract you from that fact. The problem is that while it does stand out, that doesn’t mean it’s particularly pleasing to look at.

Like mentioned, it looks like a fan render which means it doesn’t quite look like something with thousands of dollars behind it. As such, it can’t really go much higher than this, but despite that it’s quite charming.

6. Red Bull

It’s the same livery as it’s always been, so it gets no points for innovation or excitement, but at the same time, if it ain’t broke? It’s hard to justify putting it any higher on the list, but that doesn’t mean it looks bad. What else is there to say? If you liked Red Bull’s livery before, you’ll like it this time.

5. Haas

Haas have managed to do a black livery correctly thanks in large part to the white and red accents. While it is a predominantly black car, their use of contrast is superb without looking messy like McLaren’s car. Perhaps that’s due to having fewer sponsors, but regardless, the Haas and Moneygram branding are spot on leaving no confusion as to which car this is.

For sure Haas have succeeded in creating a car that looks faster than it probably is. Good job.

4. Aston Martin

Perhaps it is hypocritical to place Aston Martin here considering that their livery is ostensibly the same as last year’s. But how good does British Racing Green look? Aston Martin’s branding has always been top notch and while it isn’t the most exciting thing on the grid, it is one of the prettiest. Admittedly, if they had a history in the sport as long as Red Bull’s and were still using the same livery, this wouldn’t be as high on the list. Considering it’s still a fairly fresh livery, we have no problems with its position on the list.

3. Visa Cash App RB

While they have a silly name, VCARB have unveiled a very nostalgic livery harkening back to the Toro Rosso days of yesteryear. There’s very little exposed carbon fibre, and the colouring pairs both the team’s historical colours as well as the blue and silver of their new title sponsor, Visa. It’s a lot of fun this livery, much like Stake’s, but better executed. It’s refreshing to see a team not take themselves so seriously and this feels like a perfect example of that. Now all we need to do is fix that name.

2. Ferrari

Ferrari always have one of the most beautiful cars on the grid and 2024 is no different. Obviously, the car is red, but how they’ve spruced it up is always interesting. This year they’ve added yellow and white stripes which look pretty sharp and completely natural. They don’t have too much black on there either which given this year’s offerings is a bonus.

While the additional yellow and white are on brand for Ferrari, they are also on brand for their drivers; white for Charles Leclerc and yellow for Carlos Sainz. It’s a clever bit of design.

 The downside of the livery is the sponsor placement. It looks messy and haphazard and it stops this from taking the top spot.

1. Mercedes

While Ferrari added some stripes to blend their branding and heritage in this year’s livery, Mercedes took it to the next level. It might be a black car, but the reason Mercedes went all-black in the first place was in solidarity with the fight against racism, so it’s hard to fault the choice. It’s the addition of the silver across the spine of the car that really elevates it bringing together to of the brand’s core identities together while also saving weight. It’s hard to beat.  

While we’re here, let’s just admit that exposed carbon fibre and black race cars are cool. However, if we’ve learnt anything this year is that it’s all about execution. You can’t just paint the car black and call it a day.


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