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Omega’s Constellation Collection Gets Cosmic Upgrade with Meteorite Dials

Say hello to the fifth-gen Omega Constellation 41mm Meteorite Collection, boasting five new models....

Gather ’round because Omega is giving its iconic Constellation collection a fresh spin! If you’ve been rocking one since ’52, you know it’s not just a watch; it’s a legacy. The Constellation has seen its fair share of changes, but the latest update is making waves with the Omega Constellation Gent’s Collection 41mm.

Back in ’52, it was all about classic elegance, but the ’80s ushered in the era of change with the Constellation Manhattan. Fast forward to 2019, and Omega unleashed a feminine revival, followed by the 39mm men’s models in 2020. Now, it’s all about the 41mm charm.

Say hello to the fifth-gen Omega Constellation 41mm Meteorite Collection, boasting five new models that are more than just eye candy. The highlight? Meteorite dials! And not just any meteorite – we’re talking Muonionalusta meteorite straight from Sweden.

Dialing it up a notch, these babies come in steel and gold, each with a unique PVD coating. Sedna PVD gold, Moonshine PVD gold, green PVD, and blue PVD – take your pick! The silver model keeps it real with a galvanic treatment to stay true to its meteoric roots.

Markers and the iconic Constellation star come in black PVD-treated, 18k white gold, 18k Moonshine gold, or 18k Sedna gold – depending on the model. And the bezels? Oh, they’re ceramic for some, metal for others, with laser-ablated Roman numerals. The blue version even flaunts a grade 5 titanium bezel.

Breaking traditions, Omega introduces the Constellation in 18k Moonshine gold for the first time – their own yellow alloy. Plus, the 41mm models get a steel bracelet option, interchangeable with the 39mm size.

Tech-wise, we’re looking at the same powerhouse with the calibre 8900 for steel and calibre 8901 for gold. These automatic movements scream luxury with a co-axial escapement, silicon balance spring, and Master Chronometer certification. Bonus: a handy time-zone function for jet-setters.

Now, the lineup – steel case with a black ceramic bezel, green ceramic bezel with a matching dial, and a blue PVD dial with a titanium bezel. Feeling fancy? Go for the 18k Moonshine or Sedna gold versions with matching everything.

Prices? Hold onto your hats – CHF 8,900 – EUR 10,300 for the blue, CHF 9,200 – EUR 10,700 for the silver and green, and CHF 40,200 – EUR 46,600 for the gold beauties.


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