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Hamilton Made Two “Dune” Watches That Look Like Happy Meal Toys

Hamilton felt compelled (whether it was by artistry or potential profits) to create two limited-edition Ventura pieces inspired by the Desert Watch....

Hamilton watches have been prevalent in cinema almost since their inception. Elvis famously wore a Hamilton Ventura, but now in the modern era, Hamilton were offered the chance to design the “Desert Watch” seen in Dune: Part Two. While device created for the film looks great, the limited-edition pieces made to celebrate Hamilton’s involvement in the film don’t fare as well.

desert watch dune Hamilton
Desert Watch | Credit: Legendary Entertainment and Hamilton

At director Denis Villeneuve’s request, Hamilton worked with prop master, Doug Harlocker, to create the Desert Watch. It couldn’t look like a regular watch and instead took inspiration from Frank Herbert’s Dune novel as well as the established aesthetic of the film. They succeeded in this respect.

“This collaboration was very inspiring and challenging at once,” explains Hamilton CEO Vivian Stauffer. “For the first time we were asked to design something which is not a watch. Getting this trust is very rewarding.”

Hamilton felt compelled (whether it was by artistry or potential profits) to create two limited-edition Ventura pieces inspired by the Desert Watch. Frankly, they look like Happy Meal toys, particularly the Ventura XXL Bright Dune. The blue cut-outs on the dial look more like a cheap R2-D2 watch promoting the latest piece of media in that oversaturated franchise. Yes, the blue is supposed to represent the blue eyes caused by the Fremen’s ingestion of the spice, but it’s so poorly implemented.

hamilton ventura xxl bright dune
Ventura XXL Bright Dune | Credit: Hamilton

The Ventura Edge Dune is much better if only for looking more like the Desert Watch seen in the film. However, the digital dial looks cheap as do the 3D elements. The tecture across these 3D elements is meant to create a more rugged look, but all it does is reveal how plastic it all looks. 

Hamilton Ventura Edge Dune
Credit: Hamilton

As you’d expect, these are quartz watches. What you might not expect is the extortionate price tag. $3,875 AUD for the Edge Dune and $2,750 AUD for the XXL Bright Dune. Being limited to 2,000 and 3,000 pieces respectively has added to that price tag as well as the movie tie-in, but frankly Hamilton needs to start taking notes from Omega’s tie-in pieces.


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