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Does Lewis Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari Suggest Big Things in the Future for the Italian Team?

This move has been rumoured for years with Hamilton consistently rejecting the offer, but now, things are different....

In a blockbuster move, Lewis Hamilton has announced that he will be cutting his time with Mercedes short and joining Ferrari in 2025. This move has been rumoured for years with Hamilton consistently rejecting the offer, but now, things are different.

Mercedes is not the powerhouse they were just a few years ago. After losing his chance for an eighth world title in 2021, Mercedes haven’t been able to give Hamilton the car to even try for the title since. It suggests that despite everything Mercedes are doing to bridge the gap between themselves and Red Bull, Hamilton isn’t confident that he’ll have another chance at the title with Mercedes.

Enter Ferrari.

This move echoes Hamilton’s switch from McLaren to Mercedes in 2013 which as we can observe was also a year before a major regulation change. Seven Driver’s Championships later, we know how that decision went for Hamilton. Does this suggest that he sees something in Ferrari’s plans that might give him another chance?

There are two reasons for this line of thinking. The first is Ferrari’s team principal, Frederic Vasseur. The Frenchman has improved Ferrari after only a year, something others couldn’t do in multiple years, and while there’s still a long way to go, their current trajectory suggests Vasseur is onto something and is a man you can put your trust behind. Not that trust is in short supply for Hamilton given that Vasseur was his boss during his junior days. The two have also remained friendly since, talking between almost every race. So it makes sense that during their talks, Vasseur laid out Ferrari’s masterplan and given the trust between the two, was convinced.

The second is the upcoming 2026 regulations. When these come into effect, there will be a larger focus on the power unit rather than aerodynamics. While Ferrari’s aerodynamics have been all over the shop, their power unit is almost always one of the most powerful. Plus there’s the risk that Red Bull’s own power unit, set to debut alongside the 2026 regulations, won’t be as impressive. So it might be a roll of the dice, but it truly might be the last chance Hamilton might have to win an eighth title because, in Hamilton’s eyes, Mercedes aren’t going to be the team to give him that chance.

We don’t know what Ferrari have up their sleeve, but this move from Hamilton certainly provides a layer of confidence to the direction the team is heading in.  


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