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BMW Drops Bombshell: Meet the Almost-Born Legend, the i16!

Domagoj Dukec just spilled the beans on a secret project that could have been the i8's cooler successor....

So, buckle up BMW enthusiasts, ’cause there’s some juicy insider info straight from the design boss himself. Domagoj Dukec just spilled the beans on a secret project that could have been the i8’s cooler successor – meet the almost-born legend, the BMW i16.

Dukec threw us a bone on social media, dropping some sketches that scream futuristic vibes with a generous dose of the iconic i8 and a dash of the Vision M Next concept from 2019. The man himself spilled the tea, saying, “This is another good-kept secret: the i16. Developed as a successor for the BMW i8, this is a project I was involved in personally.”

The i16 was set to be a head-turner, blending the i8’s sleek lines with the jaw-dropping Vision M Next show car’s sexiness. Dukec spilled the deets, adding, “The i16 had all the style of a future classic, but there were still novel touches that moved the design forward from the M1.”

Hold onto your hats, folks, because this bad boy was cooking up fast. Dukec wrote that, “Within less than 12 months, the car was ready – inside and out.”

The i16 was all set to break hearts and speed limits, but 2020 had other plans.

Per Dukec, “While we pushed, the world changed in 2020. And so, work on the project unfortunately had to be stopped.”

Dukec, ever the optimist, wrapped it up with some designer wisdom, “But that’s how life goes sometimes. As designers, we are familiar with the many twists and turns of such projects. Nevertheless, we’ll never stop dreaming and exploring new possibilities, and there’s always a new project waiting around the corner.”

So, while the i16 might be a tale of what could have been, BMW’s design team is already eyeing the next big thing.


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