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Alex Albon Says VCARB is “Very Quick” but Williams “Not Far Away”

“They’ve made a step,” Albon told F1. “I think they’ve definitely… gathered some parts....

Red Bull’s second team, Visa Cash App RB, looks to have dramatically improved their platform for 2024 indicating that the parts sourced from Red Bull are doing their job.

In previous years, RB had forged ahead on their own path of development to limited results. In 2024, the team decided to design their car closer to the successful RB19 of 2023. There are plenty of similarities present on the exterior of the car and other drivers, like Williams’ Alex Albon, believe it’s allowed them to make a significant step forward.

“They’ve made a step,” Albon told F1. “I think they’ve definitely… gathered some parts.

“They look very, very, very quick. So I think they’ve made a big step, which is just the way it is. But we’re there. We’re not far away, I don’t think.”

RB (previously AlphaTauri) were the main competitors for Williams last season. It went Williams’ way but the race to seventh place was a narrow victory for the team.

Neither team have rested on their laurels with Williams also revitalising their car concept in order to make the car more rounded as a competitor. Previously, Williams’ performance was track specific, particularly high-speed circuits thanks to their blistering straight line speed. Albon believes that the team have achieved their goals.

“I think we will have a bit more of a – I don’t want to say ‘normal’ racing car – but I think our balance windows and our speed will very much merge to the kind of the norm in the grid,” he explained.

“I still think, that being said, Monza and tracks like that will be good for us. But we should be much better at tracks like here [Bahrain] or whatever. Time will tell. I’ve only done 40 laps, so not that exciting.”

While these improvements are necessary for the team to climb the ladder, it’s come with its own difficulties.

“Kinematically, the feeling of the front of the car is totally different,” Albon said.

“It’s totally new, totally redesigned. So the feedback you get in your hands is totally different. We’ve got a Mercedes rear end in the car now, so that’s very different, we’ve got a totally different balance set-up philosophy. So there’s loads of things going on and it all feels like it’s going in the right direction.

“But it’s strange – I’ve spent two years now developing, or driving, a car that has certain characteristics, unique characteristics. And now that kind of all goes in the bin and I’m learning again.”

Albon goes on to say that the changes are so dramatic that it feels like he’s “changed team[s].”


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