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Adrian Newey Reveals Details of Upcoming 1,000hp V10 Red Bull RB17 Hypercar

Say goodbye to expectations of a twin-turbo V8; Newey's vision is firmly rooted in the nostalgia of ‘90s Formula 1 monsters....

In a move that left enthusiasts buzzing, Newey announced that the RB17 will boast a naturally aspirated V10 engine, cranking out a jaw-dropping 1,000 horsepower and redlining at a mind-boggling 15,000rpm. Say goodbye to expectations of a twin-turbo V8; Newey’s vision is firmly rooted in the nostalgia of ‘90s Formula 1 monsters.

But that’s not all. Adding a modern twist, the V10 will be complemented by a petite electric motor, packing around 200bhp. Its mission? To handle the first and reverse gears while ensuring seamless torque delivery and buttery-smooth gear changes across the spectrum.

Prepare to be floored: Red Bull aims to keep the RB17 feather-light at 900kg, yet it’ll punch through the air like a heavyweight champion. With a capped downforce of 1.7 tonnes, this machine will hit peak downforce at 150mph, with the equivalent of its own weight pressing down at just 120mph. It’s like gaining 800kg of downforce in the blink of an eye. Madness!

To prevent the tires from waving the white flag under the immense downforce, Red Bull has teamed up with Michelin to develop specialized rubber tailored specifically for the RB17.

But don’t be fooled by its raw power; the RB17 promises a ride smoother than butter on a hot pan. Equipped with a blown diffuser and multifunctional active suspension, it’ll offer comfort levels surpassing even today’s Formula 1 or LMP1 racers, despite its complexity.

Newey’s ambition knows no bounds. He envisions the RB17 clocking Formula 1 lap times while being forgiving and approachable to drivers of all skill levels. With ample legroom rivaling the Aston Martin Valkyrie, this hypercar isn’t just for adrenaline junkies; it’s for anyone with a penchant for speed and luxury.

For those fortunate enough to possess the means, Red Bull sweetens the deal with training packages, granting access to its cutting-edge simulators before delivery. With a full-scale preview slated for summer 2024 and rigorous testing scheduled throughout 2025, the RB17 could hit the track as early as the 2025 Austrian Grand Prix, with production models expected to hit the streets by 2026.


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