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Toto Wolff Signs On for Three More Years as Mercedes Team Principal

Toto Wolff is extending his stint as Mercedes' team principal to "embrace the challenges."...

It’s been revealed to the UK’s Daily Telegraph that Toto Wolff has signed a new three-year deal as Mercedes team principal. Why report on this when it’s fairly obvious that he would return? Because he really doesn’t have to.

Given the state of Mercedes under the recent regulations, it would make sense for Wolff to step aside and allow someone else to steer the ship. Maybe someone with fresh ideas? However, it seems that Mercedes’ slump in performance is exactly what is motivating Wolff to continue. And why not? Wolff has something to prove given that he has only been team principal during their staggering period of success. His archrival, Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, even went so far as to say that Wolff “inherited” the team on the brink of success anyway. Why not try to prove that he can also lead the team during times of crisis?

“The risk for me is always more bore-out than burnout,” Wolff said. “And that’s why I embrace the challenges we have today, even though they sometimes feel very, very difficult to manage.”

Then again, who’s going to tell him to leave? He isn’t an employee of the team, he’s one of the three equally weighted owners, so unless he gets something really wrong, he isn’t going anywhere until he wants to. Which is basically what he told the Daily Telegraph.

“At the end of the day, as a shareholder myself, I want the best return on investment,” Wolff said. “And the best return on investment is winning. I’m not going to try to hang on to a position that I think somebody is going to do better than me. I make sure that I have people around who can tell me otherwise. In the end the three of us decided: ‘Let’s do it again.’”

Wolff goes on to say his usual lines about how Lewis Hamilton can absolutely win an eighth championship as long as Mercedes give him the car, how the 2024 challenger is a complete redesign, the usual spiel. Though special mention went out to George Russell whom Wolff described as “our future.” High praise considering his lacklustre second season with the team.


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