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Ford to Keep Building V8s “For a Long Time to Come”

Ford's global CEO, JIm Farley, has assured petrolheads that Ford will continue making V8s for quite some time....

Ford’s global CEO, Jim Farley, has spoken at Ford Performance’s launch event in Charlotte, North Carolina about the company’s desire to keep making V8s well into the future. Most, if not all major brands are moving away from big engines in the midst of tighter emissions regulations, but Ford believe that “making a V8 affordable sports car” might just be their niche.

“Mustang is going to celebrate its 60th anniversary coming up here,” Farley said. “A lot of our competitors have left. They’ve come and gone. We never did that. We’ve always been there with Mustang.

“Sixty years, and it’s changed over time. We have Ecoboost, we have the Dark Horse now, and we’re going to continue to invest. And if we’re the only one on the planet making a V8 affordable sports car for everyone in the world, so be it.”

Anyone else hear an audible cheer from old school petrolheads when they read that? The statement makes sense from Ford’s perspective, especially at a racing event, considering most of their success has been due to V8 engines.

Farley added that the Mach-E, which annoyed purists for having the Mustang name, is essentially a compromise that lets the company keep investing in future V8s.

“Mach-E lets us sell ICE vehicles for a long time to come,” Farley said.

Aussies love a V8 too considering that in 2023, we bought 1,337 V8 Mustangs compared to the paltry 138 examples of the 2.3-litre Ecoboost four-cylinder version. That’s hardly surprising though because what are you buying a Mustang for if not for the affordable roar of a V8? Even if you’re just into the aesthetics of the Mustang, the engine is part of the romance. You are admittedly missing something without it.

Time will tell if Farley’s words remain true in the future.


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