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Bahrain Investment Fund Reportedly Gaining Full Control of McLaren Group

One banking source said that the expected deal will be announced later this week. ...

It has been reported that Bahrain’s state investment fund, the Mumtalakat Holding Company, will soon gain full control of the McLaren Group.

Sky News reports that the investment group is on the brink of a deal with McLaren’s minority shareholders, making Mumtalakat the sole shareholder.

One banking source said that the expected deal will be announced later this week.

A reported 20% stake in the company is changing hands in the deal.

Mumtalakat bought a 60% stake in the company in late 2022 and has reportedly invested a further $101 million USD in early 2023.

This deal will not affect McLaren Racing, the division which houses their F1 team among others, as they have their own external shareholders after a deal made during the pandemic to raise capital.

McLaren’s capital structure is very complicated and convoluted, which has hampered their ability to structure long-term partnerships. This looks likely to change as the Group tries to attract an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as part of their transition towards hybrid and electric vehicles.

Bahrain’s interest in the company suggests a confidence in the McLaren Group’s recent turnaround. Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren Racing, has also led a separate turnaround in that division.

It hasn’t come without a few hiccups. To make the Artura supercar, McLaren had to sell a number of its historical collection in 2022, and still the Artura was still delayed. Mumtalakat reportedly paid $126 million for an undisclosed group of vehicles that allegedly includes a Formula 1 championship car.


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