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A 300hp Electric Converted 1965 Ford Mustang? Introducing the ePower Mustang

Alan Mann Racing have shared their version of the electric restomod with the ePower Mustang and it doesn't look half bad....

The first generation of Mustangs were many things. Driveable wasn’t one of them. So legendary motorsport outfit Alan Mann Racing (AMR) have teamed up with electronic specialist firm Manncorp to create a new EV conversion for it, and the figures suggest it’s much faster than the original.

The “ePower Mustang” is the result of a conversion kit that was shown off at the 2024 Philadelphia Auto Show in which Mann e-Power Cars, AMR’s new subsidiary, showcased a 1965 Ford Mustang with an all-electric drivetrain and revamped chassis.

The headline figures certainly look promising. 300bhp and 662lb ft of torque allowing for 0-60mph in 5.1s with a capped top speed of 100mph. While not as impressive as what some V8s can do today, it’s much higher than most Mustangs from the era. The range is also quoted to be over 200 miles with a 72kWh battery with a 20-80 percent recharge taking 40 minutes.

The powertrain is the obvious change but it isn’t the only thing. For starters, the standard front struts and rear leaf springs have been replaced by an independent double wishbone suspension system and the brakes have been swapped out for a ventilated set augmented with regenerative braking technology.

Additionally, the ePower Mustang will feature a Torsen limited-slip differential while the weight has been kept as close to the original as possible coming in at just over 1,100kg.

Why do we feel somewhat safe in saying this will handle better than the original? Just look at AMR’s pedigree. They made racing cars for some of the greats in the 60’s like Sir Jackie Stewart and Mario Andretti. So it shouldn’t be surprising that handling and performance has improved generally.

epower mustang engine bay
Credit: Mann e-Power Cars

The exterior design hasn’t been changed at all because to do so would be sacrilege and ruin what is frankly the best part of the original Mustang, but the interior has a few enhancements. These include race seats, Bluetooth, air conditioning, and an infotainment screen though frankly we could do without the latter, but such is life.

“We have been watching the incredible growth of so-called restomods with interest,” Henry Mann, director of AMR said. “We’ve seen cherished cars that owners want to improve, and we’ve seen those that owners want to future-proof, and thanks to our new partnership with Mann ePower Cars, we’re able to meet all those needs.

“The model on the stand played a large part in the history of our company and is close to our hearts. It was the first racing Mustang to achieve international success for Ford, and, back in 1964, it was all prepared in-house by my father’s operation.”

The conversion takes a thousand hours but can be applied to both the coupe and fastback body styles of any 60s Mustang. If you don’t have one of those, the company will source one for you. How’s that for customer service? No word on price yet but it surely doesn’t come cheap.


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