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Williams Explain Why They Stuck with Logan Sargeant Despite “Other Choices”

“There was optionality, there was other choices,” Vowles said....

By most measures Logan Sargeant hasn’t proven that he deserves a seat in Formula 1. Despite that, Williams have remained steadfast in their support of him with team principal, James Vowles, confirming that they re-signed Sargeant for 2024 despite “other choices.”

“There was optionality, there was other choices,” Vowles said. “But we’ve invested in him because I believe in him.

“He is fiercely fast when he gets it right and all together. He needs the environment now where he can grow and do more of that next year and that’s why he deserves more of an opportunity.”

Vowles revealed that his own career development was a major influence in his approach to Sargeant, believing that people need support and time on their journeys.

“The main thing is this, I really do believe in investing in future of individuals and for clarity not just in drivers but also within Williams itself, within the infrastructure,” he added.

“I myself was a graduate 25 years ago and I was given opportunities to grow and I made some terrible mistakes on the way but they formed me into who I am today.

“With Logan it was the same thing. With very little mileage in any sort of testing whatsoever at all we threw him in the deep end against Alex who now I think the world really understands how competitive he really is. As a ‘good luck, off you go’.

“And that simply isn’t enough to be able to create an environment where that individual grows. Without question he did struggle across the year. Across the last four or five races, and part of it was definitely being in the top 10 in Las Vegas and doing some incredible laps not one but three or four of them all the way throughout qualifying.

“He’s absorbing the pressure far better than before. He’s fighting for the back end of the points.

“The car simply wasn’t quick enough across those last four rounds, but he’s been where I needed him to be in order to demonstrate that he’s made the step required this year and that he can grow further next year.

“In other words, the journey still going.”


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