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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Tourbillon High Jewellery Adds a Tasteful Diamond Bezel

The Overseas Tourbillon High Jewellery is a timepiece that seamlessly embodies both coolness and tasteful sophistication....

In the realm of exquisitely crafted timepieces adorned with diamonds, the scarcity of those surpassing the mundane practice of embedding minuscule round-cut diamonds within the indices is glaringly apparent. The distinction between what is deemed cool and what exudes tastefulness is often muddled – take, for instance, the Daytona 6269, undeniably cool yet far from a paragon of taste. Enter Vacheron Constantin’s recently unveiled creation, the Overseas Tourbillon High Jewellery, a timepiece that seamlessly embodies both coolness and tasteful sophistication.

Imbued with a remarkable count of 85 invisibly set, baguette-cut diamonds gracing its bezel, dial, and buckle, the Overseas Tourbillon High Jewellery transcends the commonplace notion of a flashy 42.5mm white gold tourbillon. Remarkably, Vacheron Constantin opted for understated opulence, confining the diamond embellishments to the Maltese cross-inspired bezel – a strategic use of 60 diamonds to accentuate its distinctive shape. An additional 16 baguettes come into play when opting for one of the alternative straps.

Credit: Vacheron Constantin

In a nod to the discreet opulence trend, the Overseas Tourbillon High Jewellery boasts an 18k white gold composition, a departure from the customary materials found in the brand’s lineup, with the Perpetual Calendar being the only prior exception. The substantial 42.5mm case size, characteristic of the Overseas models, is complemented by a commendable 10.39mm thickness, contributing to the robust demeanor expected from a sports-oriented timepiece.

For those keen on embracing the sportsmanship inherent in the Overseas design, Vacheron offers two blue straps – one in calf leather and the other in rubber – accompanied by an interchangeable 18k white gold buckle adorned with baguettes. While the bling-infused buckle may not align with traditional sportiness, it does serve the purpose of reducing weight compared to the substantial 18k white gold integrated bracelet.

Credit: Vacheron Constantin

A standout feature amplifying the allure of the Overseas is its captivating lucent blue dial. Its multi-dimensional finish involves a sunburst-satin base overlaid with a translucent blue lacquer, resulting in the signature depth that captivates the beholder. The dial appliqués and hands, all in white gold, receive a touch of extravagance with baguette-cut diamonds gracing each index. However, stealing the limelight is the prominent tourbillon aperture dominating the lower portion of the dial, showcasing a 60-second, Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon with an integrated small seconds indicator in the form of a singular blued screw.

Delving deeper into the tourbillon movement, the Calibre 2160, though not a recent introduction (having debuted in 2018 with the Traditionnelle Tourbillon), stands out as Vacheron’s inaugural self-winding tourbillon. Its 80-hour power reserve is replenished by a 22k gold peripheral rotor, affording a clear view of countersunk screws and côtes de Genève adorning the plates, with the prestigious Poinçon de Genève proudly displayed on the Y-shaped going train. Noteworthy is the movement’s slim profile, measuring a mere 5.65mm, a feat achieved by eliminating the need for an additional plane for a winding rotor. While much of the decoration remains concealed on the wrist, Vacheron ensures a display of their meticulous hand-finishing craftsmanship, notably in the hand-polished tourbillon bridge, a testament to 12 dedicated working hours.

In contemplating the creation of a high-end tourbillon timepiece with broader appeal, Vacheron Constantin opted for a divergent path, targeting an even more discerning audience. The Overseas Tourbillon High Jewellery stands as a testament to the rarity of diamonds executed with finesse, epitomizing a discreetly opulent timepiece. Particularly noteworthy are the substantial baguettes replacing the indices, offering a subtle yet impactful elevation to an already exceptional watch. One might even yearn for a scenario where diamond-setting is confined solely to this instance – a move that would unequivocally establish this timepiece as a stealth-wealth champion. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Tourbillon High Jewellery is currently available, with pricing available upon request.


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