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Unveiling Richard Mille’s RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal

After three years of meticulous development, Richard Mille proudly presents the RM 35-03....

After three years of meticulous development, Richard Mille proudly presents the RM 35-03, an extraordinary trio of automatic sports watches featuring a groundbreaking winding system. This innovative mechanism empowers wearers to customize the winding activity, adapting it to their current level of activity.

The RM 35-03 lineup comprises three distinctive versions: Carbon TPT, Quartz TPT in blue and white, and a fusion of Carbon TPT with white Quartz TPT. The case, displaying an elegant black hue in Carbon TPT, revealing the meticulous craftsmanship. All three models share identical dimensions, measuring 43.15mm in width, 13.15mm in thickness, and 49.95mm lug-to-lug. With a water resistance of 50 meters, these watches exemplify both style and functionality, although the price tag mirrors the weight of their luxury.

At the heart of the RM 35-03’s innovation lies the “Baby Nadal’s” standout feature – the sport-mode button discreetly positioned at seven o’clock on the case flank. Operating on the intricate “Butterfly Rotor” system, this button transforms the winding rotor’s behavior based on the wearer’s activity level. Imagine a scenario where engaging in a sport such as professional tennis prompts the activation of sport mode, preventing excess winding of the movement. The rotor, cleverly designed with two halves hinged at the center, unfolds during sport mode, ensuring an even distribution of weight and inhibiting unnecessary spinning.

Credit: Richard Mille

Examining the dial side reveals an indicator signaling the status of automatic winding – a simple on/off display. Complementing this is the familiar function selector, allowing users to effortlessly switch between three modes: “H” for time setting, “N” for neutral, and “W” for winding.

Driving the RM 35-03 is the RMAL2, a fully skeletonized automatic movement exhibiting hours, minutes, and seconds, alongside the aforementioned functions. Crafted from grade 5 titanium, both the movement’s bridges and baseplate contribute to its robust yet lightweight structure. Operating at 4 Hz, the movement boasts a commendable power reserve of 55 hours, supported by a double-barrel system. This innovative system efficiently meters torque from either barrel, enhancing overall timekeeping accuracy.

As expected from a complex Richard Mille timepiece with ties to Rafael Nadal, the RM 35-03 comes with a price tag reflective of its exclusivity – US$238,000.


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