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Unlocking the Enigma of Sarpaneva’s Midnight Sun Watch: A Tribute to Endless Finnish Summer Days

Sarpaneva's latest creation, the Midnight Sun, not only pays homage to his roots in Northern Finland but also introduces a captivating complication....

In the realm of independent watchmaking, Stepan Sarpaneva stands alone as the epitome of Scandinavian craftsmanship. His intricate timepieces, notably the Sarpaneva Moonface series, have always been a testament to his personal touch and unparalleled creativity. While staying true to his distinctive design language, Sarpaneva’s latest creation, the Midnight Sun, not only pays homage to his roots in Northern Finland but also introduces a captivating complication that navigates the blurred boundaries of day and night.

Sarpaneva’s latest masterpiece, the Midnight Sun, draws inspiration from the perpetual daylight experienced in Northern Finland during the summer months. In this mystical northern region, the sun never sets, creating an everlasting glare that blurs the conventional notions of time. Sarpaneva eloquently poses the question, “Is it day or night, reality or a dream?” as he introduces a timepiece that captures the essence of this unique phenomenon.

True to the brand’s signature style, the Midnight Sun features a 42mm case crafted from Outokumpu stainless steel sourced from Finland. The case, with its scalloped design, remains faithful to Sarpaneva’s architectural aesthetics. Positioned at 4 o’clock, the screw-down crown ensures a water resistance of 100 meters. The Moonbridge bracelet, a recent addition by Sarpaneva, complements the classic Korona case, securing with a triple-folding clasp.

The true allure of the Midnight Sun lies in its dial, a canvas where magic unfolds. In daylight, the multi-layered steel dial showcases Sarpaneva’s hallmark complexity, featuring openworked plates, celestial references, and intricate designs inspired by the Moon and stars. The central two-tone hands elegantly display hours, minutes, and seconds. To distinguish between day and night, Sarpaneva introduces an in-house 24-hour complication at 11 o’clock, adjacent to the captivating Moonface. As night falls, the extensive use of Super-LumiNova transforms the dial, casting a warm and poetic glow in shades of orange, blue, and white, with eight different hand-applied SLN colors.

Powering the Midnight Sun is a modified Chronode automatic movement, boasting a 60-hour power reserve and a Sarpaneva Moonface rotor. Limited to just 20 pieces, each priced at EUR 19,000 before taxes.


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