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McLaren GTS: A Mild Evolution

The McLaren GTS is in no way a revolution of the McLaren GT....

The McLaren GTS is in no way a revolution of the McLaren GT. Evolution is probably a better way to describe it, but even then, it’s very mild. Everything has been improved very slightly like the power which has risen from 614hp to 626hp. It’s a mid-cycle refresh that gives the impression that McLaren believe that they got it mostly right the first time.

So what’s different? Visually the car has a “more assertive” front bumper with wider intakes, while the air scoops are more pronounced on the shoulders. There’re new paint options, a new wheel design, and GTS badging. That’s really it though.

Credit: McLaren Automotive

Under the bonnet is still the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 though the extra 12hp comes from the extra cooling power made available by the “increased crankshaft torque enabled by more aggressive combustion phasing and revised ignition timing.”

0-100km/h remains the same at 3.2 seconds as well as the 327km/h (203mph) top speed. The only bit of performance that has changed is 0-200km/h (124mph) which has dropped a tenth to 8.9 seconds.

McLaren have managed to shave off a bit of weight, saving 10kg when compared the original GT for a total kerb weight of 1,520kg. How did they do this? A carbon tub, a new recycled carbon roof, as well as titanium wheel bolts.

One practical feature has been given an upgrade is the nose lift which now takes just four seconds to raise ground clearance from 110mm to 130mm, less than half of the original GT’s time to raise.

Credit: McLaren Automotive

Everything in the interior has also remained the same though there are new “schemes” known as Performance and TechLux that offer different materials.


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