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Lamborghini Say Electric Cars “Not Consistent” on the Racetrack

Lamborghini explain the reasoning behind their hybridisation strategy rather than fully committing to all-electric cars....

With electrification a focus for many European carmakers, Lamborghini can be considered somewhat of an outlier. Not that they aren’t developing an electric car, they are, but they are holding off from converting their entire fleet until there isn’t a compromise on “handling and performance.”

At the Revuelto launch in Melbourne, Regional Director of Lamborghini in Asia Pacific, Frencesco Scardaoni, said the “heavy weight of the battery” used currently means they aren’t suited to the “super sports car” Lamborghini specialise in.

This doesn’t mean Lamborghini will not offer electric cars, they are developing the Lanzador due in 2028, but it isn’t intended for the track. Rather it’s a four-seat “grand touring” car.

“Right now, if you drive a pure electric car on the racetrack [the] performance is not consistent, meaning you do two, three laps and either the car overheats or it starts to lose performance,” Scardaoni said.

“As of today, that’s the reason we didn’t want to go pure electric on super sport cars because it doesn’t fit the requirements of our customers and Lamborghini as a company listens to what our customers are asking us.”

Scardaoni went on to insist that the company has no interest in creating firsts in electric car development, “but we wanted to be the best.” Hence their tentative steps towards electrification with their first plug-in hybrid, the V12 Revuelto, with a plug-in hybrid Urus SUV and the plug-in hybrid successor to the Huracan super car all to come in 2024.

“We decided to go first with the Lanzador, [which is] more an ultra GT style, not a super sports car. [In] the future… powertrains will allow super sport car manufacturers to have the right performances, weight, handling,” Scardaoni said.

Lamborghini’s hybridisation strategy aims to reduce the company’s overall CO2 output of 50 percent by the end of 2025.


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