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Chopard’s Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph: Soaring Above Horological Norms

Drawing inspiration from the idyllic panorama of the Swiss Alps and the enduring spirit of St. Moritz, the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph is nothing short of innovation personified....

In the annals of horological history, 1980 marked the epoch when Chopard’s Co-President, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, a mere 22 years of age, embarked on a quest to leave an indelible imprint on the illustrious realm of haute horology.

During that era, sports watches epitomized classic design, bedecked in opulent gold hues. However, Scheufele envisioned a departure from convention, propelling the stainless steel sports watch into the zenith of popularity. Renowned for its resilience, it also embraced a more laid-back, versatile aesthetic.

Fast forward over four decades, and Chopard is poised to redefine the narrative once more. Drawing inspiration from the idyllic panorama of the Swiss Alps and the enduring spirit of St. Moritz, the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph, conceived by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, is nothing short of innovation personified.

Initially unveiled in 2019, the series has swiftly ascended to become one of the most coveted offerings from the Swiss Maison, and the reasons behind its acclaim are readily apparent.

The Chopard Alpine Eagle XL introduces a contemporary rubber strap and an expanded dial, diverging from the customary integrated stainless steel bracelets introduced nearly half a century ago by the Swiss Maison. Encased in a larger 44mm case, the dial and chronograph counters boast impeccable legibility. Crafted from the Maison’s revered LucentSteelTM, an 80% recycled steel alloy renowned for its superior quality, the XL undergoes a specialized treatment for augmented durability and luster. What distinguishes this release, however, is the captivating textured hue of the dial—a profound Maritime Blue reminiscent of the irises of the eagles that gracefully traverse the skies above the Swiss Manufacture’s atelier.

This Maritime Blue, making its debut in the Alpine Eagle series, joins Aletsch Blue, Bernina Grey, and Pitch Black, mirroring the ever-changing landscape of the Swiss Alps. Chopard’s Maritime Blue mirrors the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea cascading against the southern slopes of the Alps. The arrow-shaped tips of the Chopard Alpine Eagle indices, coated with Grade XI Super-LumiNova®, enhance legibility, while subtle orange accents provide a delightful contrast to the color palette.

Beneath the surface, Chopard’s COSC-certified 03.05-C movement stands as a paragon of innovation in the realm of chronograph movements. This bespoke caliber, boasting a 60-hour power reserve, incorporates a column wheel and a myriad of technical features that have earned the manufacture three patents.

During the recent unveiling in Geneva, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele unveiled a new venture for the Alpine Eagle Foundation, dedicated to preserving the unique Alpine massif in all its facets. Collaborating with the University of Bern, the foundation’s initiative seeks to shield the native golden eagle species and their habitat from the encroaching threat posed by wind turbines. This initiative complements the ongoing endeavor to reintroduce the white-tailed eagle to the Lake Geneva region.

Exclusively available at Chopard boutiques, the Chopard Alpine Eagle XL effortlessly integrates into the domain of sporty chic, harmonizing athleticism with timeless elegance.


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