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Alfa Romeo Confirm Milano: A Small SUV to Arrive in 2024

The nomenclature for this upcoming compact SUV was officially confirmed by the company's top executive, Jean-Philippe Imperato, during a media announcement....

Alfa Romeo recently disclosed the imminent arrival of an innovative model: the Milano. The nomenclature for this upcoming compact SUV was officially confirmed by the company’s top executive, Jean-Philippe Imperato, during a media announcement. The official debut of the Milano is scheduled for April 2024.

Positioned as a B-segment vehicle, the Milano represents the successor to the MiTo supermini, which departed from Alfa’s lineup several years ago. The nomenclature itself draws inspiration from Milan, the iconic Italian city recognized by Alfa Romeo as the ‘international capital of design, a symbol of innovation, and a frontrunner in the automotive shift towards electrification.’

Imperato revealed that his choice of naming the new compact SUV Milano was influenced by his father’s unconventional reference to Alfa Romeo. “I was brought into this world in a Giulia 1300 in 1966, and my father never simply mentioned ‘Alfa Romeo’,” Imperato reflected. “He always referred to it as ‘Alfa Romeo Milano.'” The CEO playfully addressed the initial social media speculation surrounding the name Brennero attached to the model earlier in 2023. Notably, Milano also holds a historical connection to Alfa Romeo’s past as the moniker for the 75 saloon in the US market.

According to Imperato, the Milano will adhere to the platform of the Stellantis group and will be manufactured in Tychy. This means that the new crossover will utilize the E-CMP platform and share production facilities with vehicles such as the Jeep Avenger, Vauxhall Mokka, DS 3, Peugeot 208, and 2008. Imperato expressed satisfaction with this decision, emphasizing the substantial economic advantages derived from leveraging a well-established platform while ensuring the distinctive Alfa Romeo touch.

In terms of powertrain options, Imperato confirmed the availability of both electric and mild hybrid versions of the Milano throughout its lifecycle. In the UK market, the small SUV will exclusively offer an electric variant, aligning with the country’s ZEV mandate regulations. For other markets, including Europe and Japan, the Milano will present a mild hybrid engine option.

The electric iteration is anticipated to feature a singular 154bhp electric motor coupled with a 54kWh battery pack. Projected performance figures hover around the nine-second mark, with an expected range of approximately 250 miles.

During a media conference call, Imperato hinted at the possibility of an all-wheel-drive electric variant, marking a first for the E-CMP platform. While specifics on engines and electric drive motors will be divulged at the official unveiling, Imperato emphasized the importance of providing an all-wheel-drive option for certain markets.

Acknowledging Alfa Romeo’s challenging sales landscape and underwhelming performance in the UK market, Imperato sees the Milano as a pivotal player in revitalizing the brand’s presence. He views the car as “something interesting for the UK” and emphasizes the brand’s strategic step into electrification, positioning it as an enticing prospect for the country. However, Imperato asserted a reluctance to engage in price wars, expressing a desire to maintain the car’s value without succumbing to prevailing trends of aggressive discounts.

As for the anticipated details on the Alfa Romeo Milano’s price and release date, industry observers can anticipate a competitive pricing strategy aligning with other vehicles sharing its platform. Imperato confirmed that the full reveal is scheduled for April 2024, with the official sales launch slated for September 2024.


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