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Unveiling the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Enamel

In 2018, the Reverso Tribute Enamel series debuted, featuring intricate grand feu enamel depictions of renowned artworks....

The Reverso is an iconic piece not only in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s selection, but amongst watchmaking in general. So how do you take the watch to the next level? You add beautiful and intricate enamel art to the reverse side. 

In 2018, the Reverso Tribute Enamel series debuted, featuring intricate grand feu enamel depictions of renowned artworks, including Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” Fast forward to 2021, where the series returned with another Hokusai masterpiece, “Kirifuri Waterfall,” showcasing over 70 hours of meticulous enamel work. Now, in 2023, Jaeger-LeCoultre once again captivates with its prowess in the enamel workshop.

The case, at 27.4mm by 45.5mm, embodies the modern Reverso design. Crafted in white gold, it tastefully frames the focal point — Hokusai’s artwork meticulously reproduced in miniature scale on the case’s flip side. Over 80 hours of handwork per piece, navigating the nuances of color palettes and the bokashi effect, demonstrates a level of detail that defines true craftsmanship.

Available in two styles, “The Waterfall at Ono” and “The Waterfall at Yoshino,” these pieces not only embody Hokusai’s brilliance but also reflect Japanese history and culture. The Shinto shrine and the tale of General Minamoto no Yoshitsune add layers of narrative to these timepieces.

The artistry extends beyond the caseback to the dials themselves. Hand-guilloché patterns grace the dials, with “The Waterfall at Ono” sporting a classic barleycorn design and “The Waterfall at Yoshino” featuring a lozenge pattern. Eight hours and 4,000 passes of the lathe are invested in each pattern, followed by an additional eight hours of enamel work and firing to achieve the deep green finish.

Beneath the artistic façade lies the Calibre 822 time-only movement, manually wound with a 42-hour power reserve.

In an era dominated by machines and digitization, the Reverso Tribute Enamel stands as a testament to the irreplaceable value of human artisanship. Machines may replicate, but they can’t recreate the decades-long experienced hand that brings forth enamel work of this caliber.

To embark on the journey of owning this horological masterpiece, inquire via the Jaeger-LeCoultre website. Price is on request, a reflection of the exclusivity and craftsmanship encapsulated within each of the limited 10 pieces per edition.


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