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Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” Early Reviews Praise Film as “Enjoyable”

The ambitious scale and storytelling prowess of Scott's creation have earned praise....

Excitement abounds as Ridley Scott unleashes his latest epic, “Napoleon,” onto the big screen. Starring the incomparable Joaquin Phoenix, this almost three-hour historical saga traces the extraordinary journey of Napoleon Bonaparte, the iconic military commander, statesman, and Emperor of France. Despite the cinematic missteps of previous endeavors like Alien: Covenant, the anticipation surrounding Scott’s latest venture is palpable, and early reactions, though mixed, hint at a promising cinematic experience.

In the eyes of The Guardian, “Napoleon” is nothing short of an “outrageously enjoyable cavalry charge of a movie.” The ambitious scale and storytelling prowess of Scott’s creation have earned praise, setting the stage for a visually stunning exploration of Napoleon’s rise and fall.

IndieWire, on the other hand, paints a nuanced picture, describing the film as a “stinging character study entombed within a sweeping epic.” This perspective suggests a balance between grandeur and an intimate exploration of Napoleon’s character, adding depth to the cinematic narrative.

Empire takes a unique stance, characterizing “Napoleon” as a “funny, idiosyncratic close-up of the man, rather than a broader, all-encompassing account.” This suggests that Scott’s film may delve into the quirks and nuances of Napoleon’s persona, providing a refreshing take on the historical figure.

The cast of Napoleon is a constellation of talent, with Joaquin Phoenix leading the charge alongside Vanessa Kirby. Tahar Rahim breathes life into Paul Barras, while Ben Miles takes on the role of Caulaincourt. Ludivine Sagnier, Matthew Needham, Youssef Kerkour, Phil Cornwell, and Edouard Philipponnat, among others, contribute their prowess to this cinematic spectacle.

Ridley Scott’s collaboration with screenwriter David Scarpa, known for All The Money In The World and the acclaimed series The Man In The High Castle, adds another layer of intrigue to “Napoleon.” Scarpa’s narrative prowess promises a captivating exploration of historical events, blending entertainment with insightful storytelling.

Mark your calendars for November 23rd, as Napoleon is set to grace theaters with its presence. Following its theatrical run, the film will find its way to Apple TV+, where a four-hour cut promises an extended cinematic journey for enthusiasts.


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