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Ocon Explains Why He Ignored Team Orders in Las Vegas

Ocon has been known for battling his teammates, but he revealed to the media that is had nothing to do with one-upping Gasly....

Esteban Ocon had an incredible race in Las Vegas, charging from 16th on the grid to fourth in what was easily one of his most impressive races this year. One of the casualties was his own teammate, Pierre Gasly, whom he overtook despite team orders to the contrary.

Ocon has been known for battling his teammates, but he revealed to the media that is had nothing to do with one-upping Gasly, but rather not properly hearing what he was told on the radio.

“I think Pierre was on older tyres at the time and I got told ‘hold position,’” Ocon explained. “The only thing I heard was ‘position’ because I was basically making the move while I got told.

“Obviously, if the team had asked for me to give back the position, I would have done so straight away.”

The Frenchman then went on to explain his feelings going from one of his worst qualifying performances to one of his best race performances.

“It’s crazy emotions,” he said. “I was probably at the lowest point of the season [after qualifying]. Very, very disappointed.

“It’s been six races, I would say since Singapore, where we didn’t seem to catch very much of a break. We had all sorts of incidents and tricky races. But we never stopped believing that we were doing a good job as a team and things were going to come. But it took a while to come.”

For Gasly’s part, he had a very frustrating race having fallen down the order from fourth to 11th. Gasly explained that he struggled to manage the graining on the hard tyre.

“There were quite a few things that were going on, but I think the main thing was just that after five or six laps, I grained the hard tyre,” Gasly said.

“From there on it just never recovered and it was just a very painful long last 25 laps from there on.

“It’s obviously frustrating because the start was great. I started in the right train behind George [Russell] and Charles [Leclerc]. I knew there was a big opportunity on the table, but after, on that hard tyre, it was just pretty much a nightmare.”


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