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Mercedes Add More Fun with the GT2 Pro

The brilliant minds at Mercedes-AMG have managed to best themselves with the new GT2 Pro....

You know how last year Mercedes-AMG released their “most powerful ever customer race car,” the AMG GT2? Well, the brilliant minds at Mercedes-AMG have managed to best themselves with the new GT2 Pro.

The 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine normally pumps out an impressive 697bhp, but thanks to the new push-to-pass button, that has increased to 739bhp. It is a temporary boost, but it does make the rear-driven car just that little bit more fun for track lovers. Four-way shock absorbers have also been added from the standard three on the standard GT2.

The Cube Controls wheel, where you’ll find the new fun button, was originally developed for e-sports use. So if you’re thinking that it looks a lot like a gaming controller, you’re right.

The exterior design of the GT2 Pro is essentially the same as the standard GT2, though it does feature new rear wing endplates, a matte grey finish paired with teal decals, and fresh two-tone alloys.

As this is expected to be used on the track, a whole new suite of safety features has been added making the GT2 Pro great for less experienced drivers. Customers will also receive a personalised race suit, gloves, shoes, and “competition underwear” thanks to Mercedes-AMG’s partnership with Puma. That isn’t a joke. Customers also have the option of upgrading the cockpit with a drinking system and helmet cooling package.

“We are very proud to have achieved the next milestone in the customer sports segment with the Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro,” Christoph Sagemüller, head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, said.

“Demand for pure track day cars has increased significantly, so therefore, we also respond to the expansion of the derivatisation in the track day and club sport segment at the same time. With its technical refinements that include, among others, the new Push2Pass function, the GT2 Pro is the ultimate track day tool.

“Moreover, the car is easy and quick to drive. The GT2 Pro is exceptionally agile, allowing the fascination of racing to be experienced enormously, both for amateurs and professionals.”

The GT2 Pro is going for £416,000 (~A$790,135), which is £61,000 (~A$115,860) more than the £355,000 (~A$674,275) standard GT2.


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