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A Sneak Peek at the $6m Bugatti Bolide’s Interior

Bugatti has just pulled back the curtain on the highly-anticipated interior of its track-only Bolide hypercar....

Bugatti has just pulled back the curtain on the highly-anticipated interior of its track-only Bolide hypercar, set to hit the scene in 2024. Brace yourself – it’s a captivating blend of futuristic tech and a sea of striking blue.

Bugatti boasts that the Bolide’s spanking new, lightweight monocoque is not just an upgrade but a powerhouse. It’s touted to be “stronger and stiffer” than its predecessor, the Chiron. This redesign results in a sleeker, more laid-back driving position, reminiscent of hardcore racing cars that scream speed and adrenaline.

Bugatti emphasizes that they’ve left no stone unturned. Not a single part from the Chiron has found its way into the Bolide’s interior. Every nook and cranny is tailor-made, exclusively crafted for this powerhouse on wheels.

The iconic outer ‘X-theme’ of the Bolide extends its reach into the interior, notably in the attention-stealing steering wheel. Crafted using 3D polygonal modeling, a technique straight out of the gaming and visual effects industries, it’s a marvel of precision and ergonomic design.

The steering wheel’s refinement, based on feedback from Bugatti’s test drivers, adds a touch of practicality. A compact, ergonomic design and an eight-button cluster for quick access to various functions make it a perfect match for the hypercar enthusiast.

Drivers get a dual treat with a choice between two display interfaces. One option dishes out real-time driving metrics, while the other provides a deeper dive into the car’s features and readings. It’s not just a hypercar; it’s a high-tech command center.

The Bolide’s seats echo the X-theme, seamlessly integrated into a multi-pad design. The outer pads sync up with the doors, a visual spectacle in motion. Strapped directly onto the monocoque, these pads serve a dual purpose – comfort and weight reduction. Just keep in mind; the driving position is fixed, requiring adjustments to the pedals and steering wheel for a personalized fit.

Bugatti offers four seat sizes, including a bespoke option tailored to the driver’s height and weight.

Closing in on the interior’s finishing touches, owners get to play designer with a selection of premium materials to adorn their seats. Alcantara, Napa, and suede.

With a mind-blowing 1,800bhp, aerodynamically-focused components, and a feather-light dry weight matching a Volkswagen Polo, Bugatti’s Bolide stands ready to rival the Gordon Murray T50S Niki Lauda and the McLaren Senna.


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