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Yes, You Can Own a Version of the Le Mans Winning Ferrari 499P

While it isn’t the exact same hypercar that won Le Mans 2023, Ferrari are offering a new version of the 499P Modificata....

While it isn’t the exact same hypercar that won Le Mans 2023, Ferrari are offering a new version of the 499P Modificata as part of their new Sport Prototipi Clienti programme.

The new program takes cues from Ferrari’s XX and F1 Clienti programmes where ridiculous sports cars and old F1 cars are shipped around the world for Ferrari clients to drive around the track.

The tracks available to owners when the programme kicks off in 2024 are Suzuka and the Nürburgring.

These are not competitive cars, they’re toys for the wealthy, which means that Ferrari don’t have to worry about regulations which means that it’s actually a little faster than the Le Mans winner.

You might expect the 296 GT3-derived 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 to be providing that extra power, but it’s actually the electric motor on the front axle. How have they done this? Because Ferrari don’t have to worry about regulations, the electrical assistance can be applied at all times rather than restricted at speeds over 190km/h. All up, that’s now 858bhp, though the full amount is only available when the driver deploys the new “Push to Pass” button mounted on the back of the steering wheel which lasts for seven seconds. Without that, drivers still have a staggering 697bhp at their disposal.

Everything else is basically the same as the Le Mans winner. So you still have a full carbon monocoque chassis, push-rod suspension (that’s been tweaked a little to make drivability easier), a seven-speed sequential gearbox, a brake-by-wire system, and an F1-derived 800-volt battery pack.

Just by looking at it, you can see that you still get the same styling and aero as the 499P, though you do get the addition of a digital rear-view mirror and a wider seat.

Another key difference is the bespoke tyres. Michelin tyres were used while the 499P was competing, but Ferrari have included Pirelli slick tyres that have been designed to warm up quicker while offering more “predictable handling.”

As you can see, all the changes made are catering for non-racing drivers to make things a little safer and enjoyable, but you’re still copping a ridiculous amount of car for one person.

Ferrari haven’t disclosed how many units they plan to make but they will only be offer to the brand’s “most valued and special customers.”


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