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Mercedes to Introduce a New Floor at U.S. Grand Prix

The new floor is aimed at better understanding the ground force effect for 2024....

Mercedes will introduce a revised floor at the upcoming U.S. Grand Prix that will hopefully point them in the right direction for their 2024 car. At least that’s what Mercedes’ technical director, James Allison, is hoping.

“Hopefully it will give us a bit of lap time,” Allison said.

“That’s always a benefit. But it is mostly a useful thing because it’s a bellwether for whether were on the rick track.

“In lap time terms, it will be small. Useful, but don’t expect us to leap past Max [Verstappen].”

Okay, so these upgrades aren’t focused on performance, nor are they aimed at rectifying any of the issues with the W14. So what is it for? Mercedes have been vague, with Allison explaining that all their upgrades are part of their 2024 development path so the floor is more about understanding the ground effect that generates downforce.

“I think that much of what ails us now is reasonably understood and we’re working to fix that,” Allison said.

Allison warned that those fixes are coming, but “time will tell” whether they are effective.

“I feel like all of us got a pretty clear-sighted view of what we want to do with the car. This championship, while we haven’t made the really impressive progress that McLaren have, we have nevertheless been charting a path through the season that gives us a very clear idea of what we need to put right.

“So that makes the next years fun, very exciting to look forward to, and actually this period of the year extremely enjoyable.”

Haas are also planning on introducing significant upgrades at the U.S. Grand Prix.


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