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Mazda Tease a New MX-5 Concept

Mazda have confirmed that they are developing a new sports car at the Japan Mobility Show....

Mazda have confirmed that they are developing a new sports car at the Japan Mobility Show, with rumours suggesting that it may be an electric MX-5, but Mazda haven’t revealed any details, though they have shared a teaser photo of the rear.

Why the question mark when seemingly every other car manufacturer is going completely electric? Mazda are committing to a fully electric line-up by 2030 and have only released one electric car, the MX-30, and only plans to introduce two more by 2025 though they haven’t revealed what those models will be. Instead, Mazda are focusing on hybrids.

So while there is a new MX-5 coming out, Mazda have not confirmed whether it will have an electric powertrain.

What Mazda have been able to confirm is that there is an “upgrade” coming for the current generation MX-5, but details are once again scant.

Mazda did speak to Top Gear about their decision making behind an electric powertrain, stating that they want to ensure that the MX-5 adheres to their credo, Jinba Ittai (“horse and rider in perfect harmony”).

“We don’t want to have a very heavy MX-5,” development boss Kato Matsue said. “So if the MX-5 is 2.5 tonnes of peak weight, that is not the MX-5.

“What I can say is the MX-5 is our symbol. If the MX-5 becomes a battery EV, that battery EV should have very special characteristics, Jinba Ittai feeling, human centric of our basic concept philosophies. That’s our hope.”


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