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The Crazy Powerful Lotus Emeya Electric Hyper GT Has Been Unveiled

Say hello to the new Lotus Emeya, an electric super-saloon set to take on the likes of the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQE....

Say hello to the new Lotus Emeya, an electric super-saloon set to take on the likes of the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQE. While Lotus have stuck to tradition with their naming scheme (each model name starts with the letter ‘E’), the brand are proudly moving away from it as the Emeya will not be light nor a sports car, but a sustainability focused car that holds onto its competitive roots.

Lotus haven’t shared the full specifications for the car just yet, but we do know a few things about it. Namely that it has the same EV hardware as the Eletre though the Emeya shouldn’t be as heavy as that car due to the lower ride height.

Performance: As Quick as an F1 Car?

“Bringing together our rich heritage with intelligent performance and the latest cutting-edge technologies, we’re pushing boundaries for how a luxury electric vehicle should look and handle – making it truly for the drivers,” said Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Lotus Group.

How are Lotus blending heritage and technology in the Emeya? The most obvious way is the electric architecture which we mentioned is the same as the Eletre so that means it will come as standard in dual-motor mode, capable of 666kW (893bhp) with 986Nm (727lb ft) of torque. If these crazy numbers are to be believed it means that the Emeya is up there with anything from Mercedes-AMG.

Lotus promise that this car can do 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds for a top speed of 356km/h, though the latter of which has been capped to save the battery’s health. That’s impressive on its own, but once you realise that a modern F1 car can do 0-100km/h in about 2.6 seconds, it’s simply astounding.

That speed extends to in-gear acceleration with acceleration going from 80 – 113km/h (50-70mph) in less than two seconds. Given these numbers, it suggests that the Emeya is more about performance than it is enjoyable cruises.

It has permanent all-wheel drive governed by the Lotus ICC intelligent torque distribution, a black box that ensures that all the power makes forward progress and doesn’t send you flying off the road. At the same time, active dampers monitor road conditions 1,000 times a second, adapting quickly to bumps in the road.

Battery: Improved Charging

Now the lithium-ion battery of the Emeya has a large 102kWh capacity that will likely be able to take you over 563km (350 miles). Lotus themselves have said the “Emeya range is expected to be broadly similar to that of the Eletre,” which has a maximum range of 600km (373 miles).

Lotus have improved charging speeds thanks to its new 800-volt electrical architecture capable of charging at 350kW DC, adding 150km (93 miles) in five minutes, according to lotus. The benchmark 10-80% charge takes just 18 minutes with an ultra-rapid charger.

Considered Aerodynamics and an Improved Interior

Aerodynamics have been carefully considered to ensure minimal drag like the removal of door mirrors that have been replaced with cameras plus the intricate aeropackage. The front grille has active aero flaps that open or shutter depending on whether the Emeya needs less drag or more cooling, a feature present on the Eletre. The rear spoiler is active too while being 10cm broader than the Eletre’s to contribute more total downforce at over 215kg.

Compared to previous Lotus models, the interior has seen a large step-up in quality and features. You’ve got an in-house touchscreen infotainment system, a world-class Kef stereo with Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound, and road noise cancelling-soundwaves to ensure that you’re hearing only what you want to. In addition to all this, there’s a 55-inch project augmented reality heads-up-display.

Production is set to begin in late 2024 while no price has been announced but expectations are set around £90,000 (~AU$175,450).


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