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Summer Vibes with Franck Muller’s Vanguard Beach Collection

With the introduction of the Vanguard Beach collection, Franck Muller has taken vibrant aesthetics to a whole new level....

Franck Muller, the self-proclaimed “Master of Complications,” has always been synonymous with boldness. His timepieces are the antithesis of subtlety, boasting tonneau cases, haute horlogerie craftsmanship, and a daring disregard for convention. Not to mention his penchant for experimenting with striking colors that set his creations apart. And now, with the introduction of the Vanguard Beach collection, Franck Muller has taken vibrant aesthetics to a whole new level. These watches are a breath of fresh, summery air, effortlessly blending lightheartedness with the technical prowess that Franck Muller is renowned for.

Credit: Franck Muller

The Vanguard Beach collection draws its inspiration from the seaside, and it’s impossible to miss the vibrant hues that echo the colors of a perfect beach day: fiery red, cerulean blue, and emerald green. What truly sets these watches apart, aside from their vivid colors, is the material used for their cases—a specially designed glass fibre composite.

To achieve the mesmerizing pattern of undulating lines, reminiscent of the rippling sands on a beach, they start by melting glass at a staggering 1,500°C. The molten glass is then drawn into delicate filaments, cooled down, and transformed into sheets at a lower temperature of 700°C. These sheets are dyed, layered, and compressed into blocks, which are then meticulously machined into the distinctive watch cases. The end result is a case that appears almost raw, as if it were a stone weathered by years of drifting across the seabed.

The advantage of this glass fibre composite extends beyond its striking appearance. It’s incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only a quarter of the weight of steel while maintaining impressive durability.

Turning our attention to the dial, we encounter the classic Franck Muller design language. Large, hand-painted Arabic numerals grace the dial, providing exceptional readability. At 6 o’clock, you’ll find a deeply recessed circular date window.

The heart of the Vanguard Beach is its in-house calibre FM 800-DT movement. While it may not boast the complexities found in some of Franck Muller’s other creations, it offers dependable automatic performance with a 42-hour power reserve.

Despite its beach-inspired design, the Vanguard Beach does come with a limitation—its water resistance, or lack thereof. With a rating of just 30 meters, it’s better suited for sunbathing than for braving the waves. But then again, we suspect that the typical Franck Muller enthusiast isn’t planning to take a dip with their luxury timepiece.

The Franck Muller Vanguard Beach collection is an exclusive release for the Asia-Pacific region and is available for inquiries now. Priced at A$17,700, these watches offer a unique blend of technical innovation and playful design, making them the perfect companions for a vibrant summer adventure.


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