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Nissan 20-23 Concept is One We Wish Would Hit Production

It’s very clear that this all-electric, three-door concept from Nissan is never going to hit production, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t....

It’s very clear that this all-electric, three-door concept from Nissan is never going to hit production, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. After all, just look at this thing. Yes, it’s a tad ridiculous, but it’s also incredibly fun.

Dubbed the Concept 20-23, Nissan created this to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nissan Design Europe based in London. The team have taken inspiration from Formula E, online sim racing, and Nissan’s hatchback history, according to Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s senior vice president for global design.

“The young team here at DNE was given a simple brief: design a fun electric city car that you’d like to drive every day in London,” he said. “The 20-23 Concept that they designed is a compact hatchback which is strongly influenced by the online racing world. I love the story it tells about how the worlds of modern city living, online gaming, and zero emissions mobility intersect.”

The bodywork has some crazy aero parts like a massive front lip spoiler, ultra-wide wheel arches, and of course a huge rear wing. For some reason, there’s even a roof scoop which we can only assume is there because it looks cool.

One part of the design that might actually make it to production is the LED lighting on the front and rear.

We don’t know anything about the powertrain, mostly because Nissan hasn’t fitted one, but we do know that it’s all-electric. That’s about it though.

They did bother with an interior accessed via scissor doors. Inside you’ll be greeted with what appears to be a minimal Formula E cockpit complete with white bucket seats and a squared off steering wheel mounted on a carbon fibre steering column. That’s it though, they wanted the cockpit to display only essential information with minimal distractions.

It’s a shame that this isn’t going to make it to production because seeing these zoom around the city would certainly be interesting. More interesting than the current crop of hatchbacks at least.


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