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Bell & Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass: Navigating Style and Innovation

Bell & Ross has consistently pushed the envelope with their Flight Instruments series....

In the ever-evolving world of horology, certain timepieces have managed to stand out and etch their mark into the annals of watchmaking history. Among them are the Bell & Ross BR 01 and BR 03 collections, masterpieces that bear a remarkable resemblance to the instrumentation found in jetfighters. Since their debut in 2005 and 2006, these iconic watches have continued to turn heads and capture the imagination of watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Beyond the timeless allure of classics like the Black Steel or Phantom editions, Bell & Ross has consistently pushed the envelope with their Flight Instruments series. These watches go beyond mere timekeeping; they embody the essence of aviation instrumentation, mirroring the likes of radars, radio compasses, and HUDs. These unique creations have solidified their place as some of the brand’s most distinguished and sought-after designs.

Fast forward to today, and Bell & Ross is unveiling a classic reborn – the Bell & Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass. Building on the legacy of the BR 03 collection, this timepiece introduces a breath of fresh air, breathing new life into an emblematic style.

The journey of the Bell & Ross Flight Instruments series began in 2010, taking inspiration from dashboard instruments like compasses, altimeters, radars, and turn coordinators. The result? A stunning array of watches, including the BR 01 Red Radar, BR 01-96 Altimeter, BR-01 Horizon, and BR 01-92 Airspeed, just to name a few.

Initially, these watches featured original displays with rotating discs, adding an intriguing twist to time reading. However, as times changed, so did the approach. Recent additions like the BR 03-92 HUD, BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic, and BR 03-92 Radiocompass retained the core concept but in a more wearable package – a smaller case for greater comfort and improved legibility.

A Glimpse into the BR 03 Gyrocompass

The Bell & Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass, in a nod to its 2013 predecessor, reintroduces the navigation compass-inspired design. This time, it opts for a simplified approach, replacing the original discs with traditional central hands. While it may be less unconventional, this change enhances practicality and ease of use.

Encased in a sleek 41mm x 10.6mm black ceramic case, the BR 03 Gyrocompass exudes a modern and robust aesthetic. Inside beats the heart of the watch – the BR-CAL.302 movement, an evolution of the Sellita SW300 with an extended power reserve of 54 hours. The timepiece is elegantly strapped with a black rubber band, and a fabric strap is also part of the package, catering to various preferences.

For watches in the Flight Instruments series, the dial reigns supreme. The BR 03 Gyrocompass adheres to this philosophy with a captivating design. The black matte dial features a central crosshair with cardinal points luminously printed. The hour hand, fashioned like a jetfighter, commands attention with its vivid yellow luminous coating, dominating the dial. Meanwhile, the minutes and seconds hands remain discreetly matte black, revealing only their luminous white tips. The circular date window, nestled between 4 and 5 o’clock, maintains its presence.

As with many sought-after timepieces, the Bell & Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass is a limited edition release, restricted to just 999 pieces. It’s now available for enthusiasts and collectors alike, with a price tag of EUR 4,500. For a deeper dive into this horological marvel, visit


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