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Zenvo Aurora is a Devastating 1,850bhp Hybrid V12

The Zenvo Aurora has two versions focused on either the road or the track....

Danish supercar brand Zenvo have just announced their new-generation supercar, the Aurora set to makes its debut at the exclusive Monterey Car Week event The Quali.

Zenvo are offering two versions of the Aurora with different ambitions. The Zenvo Aurora Tur, focused on long-distance road trips, while the Aurora Agil is aimed at tackling the track. Regardless of their goals, each are equipped with a V12 hybrid powertrain.

The same 6.6-litre quad-turbo V12 developed by MAHLE Powertrain capable of 1250bhp (932kW) on its own with the additional e-motor on the rear axle adds an extra 200bhp (149kW), bringing a total of 1,450bhp (1081kW) of power available.

Zenvo’s head of design, Christian Bandt, said that when they “talked to clients and asked them if they would be interested in an electric hypercar, the answer was a very definitive ‘no’. And so we asked them whether they’d like a V6, V8, or V12, something like 90 percent of them said V12.”

But how should this V12 be implemented? As a track-focused car or something you can drive comfortably on the road? Zenvo has left it up to the consumer, hence the two versions of the Aurora.

The track focused Agil can do 227mph (365km/h) flat out and 0-100km/h in 2.5s with 880kg of downforce at 155mph (250km/h). This is where the aggressive aerodynamics around the body and underneath the car come into play, not to mention the massive rear wing and air brake. This version has stripped everything from the interior for a record kerbweight of 1,300kg.

The Tur might be heavier at 1,450kg, but its smoother, less aggressive bodywork helps increase the top speed to 280mph (450km/h), that and the 1,850bhp (1,379kW) of power it has available. The Tur can do a 0-100km/h sprint in 2.3s and 0-399km/h in 17s, making this one of the fastest cars in the world.

Both cars are wrapped in carbonfibre monocoque called the ‘ZM1’ and a modular chassis that weighs less than 120kg that Zenvo claim has “Formula 1 levels of structural safety.”

Zenvo boss, Jens Sverdup, explained that “The Aurora project is best described as an equilibrium of extremes. Throughout the development phases, we have been very clear that we did not want to be chasing specific numbers or track times, as this can cause a distraction or compromise when it comes to other areas.

“However, what was important was the drive to push the Aurora to be on the leading edge of what could be achieved through pushing each element to the maximum in synchronisation with the others. We just wanted to build an uncompromised drivers’ car which delivered on every level.”

Only 50 of each of these will be made and deliveries will begin in 2025.


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