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TPOE Podcast Ep. 2 – Tag Heuer Skipper and Goodwood 2023

Episode 2 of the TPOE podcast sees the boys chatting about the TAG Heuer Skipper and the many, many cars at Goodwood 2023. ...

Get ready for a massive second episode of the Ten Pieces of Eight Podcast!

Join your hosts Michael and Jack as they embark on a thrilling journey through the realms of cars, vintage timepieces, and of course, Formula 1.

In this episode, Michael and Jack rev up the excitement with a captivating dive into the 2023 Goodwood Festival. From rare classic cars to modern masterpieces, they’ll take you behind the scenes of this motoring paradise, offering a glimpse into the heart of a true car enthusiast’s dream.

Steering their focus to the world of horology, the boys explore the iconic Tag Heuer Skipper and its enduring legacy. Join them as they unravel the history, design, and significance of this legendary timepiece, a true symbol of precision and style.


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