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This Month’s Mission to Moonshine Features Lanterns

Another month, another Mission to Moonshine from Swatch....

Another month, another Mission to Moonshine from Swatch. The brand has released a new piece every month since March with a new motif on the chrono hand. Last month it was strawberries to mark the Harvest Moon, this month it’s tiny lanterns to commemorate National Swiss Day. 

These traditional lanterns are often seen throughout the celebration from materials you can find at home like cheese packaging, which is maybe one of the most Swiss things we’ve ever heard. 

mission to moonshine gold lantern
All images credited to Swatch

Surprisingly, the demand for these pieces is still high a year after their original release. There are still lines at Swatch stores and there’s still no sign of that online release option. For enthusiasts though, it must be said that each new release has less excitement behind it than the last. 

The problem with these Mission to Moonshine releases is that they simply aren’t that interesting or different from previous releases to get excited about. A new motif is all we get. 

Since their inception, Swatch has encouraged people to collect their watches because they are so cheap and come in such a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. You can see this with the original MoonSwatch release, but these monthly releases don’t offer a new colourway or anything other than the motif on the seconds hand. The first release that added Moonshine gold to the chrono hand was a fun addition to the collection, but these are hardly worth collecting especially given their relatively expensive price point for Swatch. 

We’ll have to wait and see how long they keep up these releases before they hopefully release another plastic quartz version of an iconic watch. 


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