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Steiner Claims Haas’s Tyre Deg Issue “Not the Same Problem” as Ferrari’s

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says the team are trying to sort out the issues before moving onto 2024's car....

Haas have a tyre degradation problem, that has been very clear from the start of the season. Haas are able to pull off some great qualifying performances but quickly drop to the back of the pack come race day, like in Canada. Ferrari, at first glance, seem to have a similar tyre degradation but Haas team principal, Guenther Steiner, admits they are “not the same problem.”

Haas are working on improving the VF-22 this year in an attempt to solve the problem before 2024.

“I think we need to fix this one before [2024],” Steiner explained to “We can go parallel to 2024 but we cannot ignore this one now and just go for ’24.

“If you don’t understand it then it could be in the ’24 car again, that would be pretty stupid. We are working now on the ’23 car flat-out to make it better.”

It’s similar to what Haas’s engine supplier, Ferrari, are doing to solve their own issues with the SF-23. Steiner admits that there may be some overlap between the issues as Haas do share Ferrari’s suspension and rear crash structure and probably warrants further investigation.

“It’s very weird,” Steiner said. “With them, you can see it a lot less because they run higher, but if they hadn’t had it, would they win races maybe? But that’s not for me to talk about, that’s for Fred to talk about.

“If you see the Ferrari, it’s not the same problem. And the point is that doesn’t make our problem better. Somebody else having a bad day and me having a bad day doesn’t make my day better. I’m still having a bad day, you know?

“But obviously, it needs to be looked at as well and we do. It’s not like we’re sitting here and doing nothing, but there could be an issue in the specifics there.”

Haas currently sit in eighth in the Constructor Championship with 11 points, the same position they finished in 2022.


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